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Wallpaper installation may be carried out at home as a DIY job, or you may decide to engage the services of a professional wallpaper installer, who has the skills, expertise and tools to complete a quality job with minimal disruption and expense.

Please read on for three simple steps to follow to carry out your own DIY wallpapering job:

Preparation of the Plaster/Gyprock

  • Use specialized wallpapering solution to prepare the surface, which should equate the size of the wallpaper.
  • When applying paste directly to the wall, the solution is unnecessary.
  • Manufacturers generally list directions on the back of distributed wallpaper.

Preparation of rendered walls

  • Seal the wall.
  • Smooth out rough uneven areas.
  • Before applying the wallpaper, apply a plain pre-pasted paper lining.

Application of paintable wallpaper

  • Apply paste of choice onto the designated wall.
  • Once the paper is applied to the wall leave it to dry overnight.
  • As some enamel can dissolve wallpaper patterns, it is safest to use only acrylic paint.

Application of pre-pasted wallpaper

  • Dip the pre-pasted paper into a wallpaper trough full of water.
  • Allow it to soften but letting it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Apply paper to wall.
  • Without overlapping, edge in the wallpaper seams and smooth over.

Application of un-pasted wallpaper

  • Well-coat the wallpaper with your paste of choice.
  • Allow it to soften, but letting it rest for 15 minutes with the paste on it, ensuring an easy application.
  • Apply it to the wall.

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