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Retaining walls can be constructed from a range of materials including concrete. Concrete is valued for its durability, which is especially relevant in this scenario as retaining walls are exposed to soil and moisture for their entire lifespan. Retaining walls are used to stabilise all or a portion of a site, and offer structural stability by providing a barrier to prevent the movement of soil and water. In this way they are crucial in also preventing erosion. Concrete retaining walls are made in a variety of forms, including utilising pre-cast slabs and sleepers. They acquire their strength from embedded supports, gravity or via cantilevered concrete support footing that serves as a foundation for the wall. To function properly concrete retaining walls must have adequate drainage; otherwise the mass of stored water behind the wall may collapse it. There is also the aesthetic consideration of any retaining wall to consider, which should ideally suit the environment.

Retaining wall considerations

These considerations should be borne in mind when constructing any retaining wall:

  • local authority approval may be necessary, as well as reference to Australian Standard AS 4678 pertaining to earth-retaining structures
  • height of the wall
  • type of soil at site
  • aspect of the site
  • how much load the wall will experience, such as vehicle traffic

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