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Everything you need to know about finding a Residential Architect

If you are thinking about building a new home, adding an extension, or doing some renovations, why not engage the services of a residential architect to ensure that your project is the best it can be? You’d be surprised at what a residential architect can do for you! Here’s what you need to know.

What is Residential Architecture?

Residential architecture is simply architecture that focuses around residential dwellings such as houses and apartments. It could involve the building of a new home or renovating an existing home. You can also consult architects in extensions projects or talk to a heritage and conservation architect when dealing with preserving heritage aspects. It could also involve altering the interior of a home, and so on. The architect is also able to help with the interior design aspects of the home (such as the materials to use, paint colours and types, furniture and so on).

Residential architects, as well as building a structurally sound and attractive home that is just right for your needs, can also ensure that your home is as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, which is important in this new era of diminishing resources.

Benefits of a Residential Architect

Any architect is capable of doing residential work but there are some that specialise in residential architecture. No matter which you choose both are appropriately qualified, licensed, and insured.

Engaging the services of an architect for your residential project can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • They will work with you throughout the entire process from design to completion.
  • While you pay to engage the services of an architect, they actually save you money as the contractors can accurately quote the project and the project itself will be built more efficiently and cost effectively. The architect will also work to the budget that you have specified.
  • The architect can act as a project manager, coordinating the builders, tradesmen, and other building professionals.
  • The architect will solve any tricky building issues while ensuring that the building meets all regulations.
  • The architect can liaise with council to make the process of gaining approvals and permits much easier.
  • They can design or tailor a design so that it specifically meets your requirements for comfortable everyday living and so that the spaces within the home are effectively utilised.
  • Architects are highly trained and experienced at what they do.

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