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Do you need a simple slab for a garden shed to stand on, or perhaps you need some new pathways around your home. Maybe you even need a spot for your bins to stand. These are relatively simple concreting tasks but they can be daunting to a homeowner. However, a handyman can be the perfect choice for these simple jobs. Read on for more info.

About Basic Concreting

Basic concreting tasks include such things as:

  • Concreting in posts (for retaining walls, fences, etc)
  • Non structural slabs such as those found in sheds
  • Pathways
  • Simple concrete floors
  • Any other work that only requires the use of basic formwork

Be aware that basic concreting should not have any structural elements to it. Structural concrete (driveways, home slabs, concrete walls etc) need to bear weight safely and thus should only be laid by a qualified concreter or builder.

Handyman and Basic Concreting

A handyman is quite capable of carrying out basic concreting tasks around the home. They will lay the basic formwork required, mix the concrete, level and smooth it, and allow it to cure before removing the formwork. When choosing a handyman, ask for their previous references so you can see the quality of their work. Also ask for a quote on how much your concreting job will cost. This will save surprises.

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