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Everything you need to know about finding a Rainwater Tank Installer

A rainwater tank is extremely useful to have as it can give you extra water for irrigation, for topping up the pool, or even to use in your toilets or washing machine. To get the most out of your water tank, you need to ensure that it is correctly set up. Here’s what you need to know.

About Rainwater Tank Set Ups

At its most basic, the set up for a rainwater tank involves the following – choosing the optimal spot for the tank, diverting the guttering and downpipes to the rainwater tank for collection, installing gutter guards or filters in order to keep the rainwater clean, plumbing the tank as necessary, installing first flush diverters, and connecting the tank to the stormwater system as well so that excess water has somewhere to go.

As well as doing all the above, the professional will ensure that the correct roofing and guttering materials are used so that future problems don’t develop with the tank.

Hiring a Professional to Set up Your Rainwater Tank

The first thing that the professional will do is coordinate with council in order to obtain any building permission or permits that are needed. They will then do everything that is needed to set up the tank. The professional could be a plumber or someone from a specialist rainwater tank company. Whoever you choose, ensure that they are fully qualified, licensed and insured and that they are experienced in setting up tanks. They should also give you a full quote for the set up.

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