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Garage doors are an integral part of the aesthetic and functional aspect of a garage. They provide entry and exit for vehicles as well as providing security for your possessions. Garages are often situated at the front of a property and must therefore complement or coordinate the rest of the home. This includes features such as the styling, colour, roofing and guttering. Garage doors are increasingly automated with mains driven electric motors that increase the safety, security and convenience for users - enabling them to gain entry and exit the garage without leaving their vehicle.

Styles of garage door

There are three main types of garage doors, with some minor variations and hybrid models also available:

  • Roller – a functional style that is also the most common type of door on the market, with the door stored in a roll when open.
  • Sectional – these garage doors are comprised of panels that allow the door to have some degree of articulation, and fold away parallel with the roof or ceiling of the garage
  • Tilt – these doors tilt on a spring-loaded mechanism and articulate to fold up and out, providing a space-saving solution for tight spaces

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