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Installing flyscreen on your windows allows you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors without the inconvenience of flying and crawling insects invading your home. Flyscreen frames are generally manufactured from lightweight metals such as aluminium or more traditional timber frames. Steel, aluminium or fibreglass mesh is typically utilised for the mesh screen portion. Window flyscreens usually have a sliding arrangement for ease of use. Flyscreens may need periodic maintenance, most especially the mesh, which can become perforated.

Common insect pests

Flies are only one of many species of insect pests that can invade your unprotected home. They together with cockroaches are some of the most commonly encountered flying pests, which can be excluded by the installation of flyscreen windows in your home. Mosquitoes, bees and wasps are also commonly encountered, and can be also be excluded by standard flyscreen mesh. The can all cause health problems of varying degrees. Mosquito bites can become infected, and have been known to cause skin rashes. Bee and wasp stings are both potentially harmful to individuals with allergies, which can be serious. Both species can swarm, which is when they are most likely to be dangerous.

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