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About Southern Landscapes & Lawn Maintenance Pty. Ltd.

For enhancing Melbourne’s South East Suburbs and Mornington Peninsula, Southern Landscapes provides landscape design and garden maintenance solutions About Us

For the seekers of innovative landscape designs, unique ideas executed by competent and professional gardeners, we are your one-stop destination and provide landscaping in Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs. Southern Landscapes umbrella of services caters for all areas of landscape gardening, gardens and lawns.

Having an experience of successfully executing both domestic and commercial landscaping projects, we are relentless in our focus on our quality of workmanship and customer service for our clients on the Mornington Peninsula South Eastern Suburbs.

“We remain in constant communication with you, providing progress updates and satisfying your queries throughout the execution of our projects because making a connection with you through effective  communication is essential to our success.”

As Melbourne Landscapers, we cater to all of our clients landscaping and gardening requirements, large or small, through our professional expertise of Victorian gardens. You can also benefit from our affordable and professional monthly lawn and garden maintenance program for which we can provide you with a free estimate!

Landscape Design and Consultation

Southern Landscapes is your preferred solution provider when you are looking for practical and innovative landscape designs. We have the creativity, local market knowledge, experience and the expertise to design within residential or commercial landscapes.

We translate concepts into great landscaping solutions for your front gardens and backyards. We can also materialize your ideas into a complete landscape architecture plan for you.

Unique Melbourne Landscape Design

A unique landscape design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is a combination of various factors including:
  • Mixture of hard and soft landscaping
  • Cost and time restrictions
  • Materials used
  • Shape, colours and plants variety

The unpredictable climatic conditions of Melbourne have an immense impact on the landscape design considerations, influencing the final look and beauty of your landscape.

With expertise in all facets of garden and landscape design, we can help you with:
  • Garden landscaping design - domestic and commercial, small to large
  • Landscape courtyard design - hard and soft landscaping, paving, gardens, features and irrigation
  • Landscape deck design - pergolas, timber decking, verandas, gazebos
  • Landscaped driveways - concreting, paving, exposed aggregate and plantings
  • Drought friendly plant selection - indigenous and other
  • Landscaping lighting design - energy efficient, ambient, night lights and solar
  • Water feature landscaping - water-wise installations, ponds and retaining walls
  • Swimming pool landscaping - coping, plantings, fencing, features and surrounds

Consultation and Concept Plan

We will be more than happy to consult with you to share our design ideas and landscaping options to stir your creativity and come up with unique landscaping designs for your home on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern suburbs. Southern Landscapes expert landscape designers are available at your service to note down your requirements and create the perfect landscaping designs that match your preferences and requirements.

Through an initial onsite consultation of around one and a half hours, our landscape designer will help you with design options and products and give you an overview of other projects in the Southern Landscapes portfolio. Consequently, Southern Landscapes will present you with a proposal which will define the fees for creating a comprehensive concept plan.

Landscape Paving

To enhance the beauty of your outdoors, Southern Landscapes can provide you with the ideal landscape paving designs and installations for your gardens, pools, courtyards, entertainment areas, patio and landscaping.

In addition to design features, it is important to consider the strength of landscape paving as well. Landscape paving should allow you to benefit from their functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. Southern Landscapes can design and install top quality paving available in a variety of styles and applicability, including garden paving, courtyard landscaping, pools and patios.

Brick, Concrete and Natural Stone Paving

Your landscape paving can be made using brick, concrete or natural stone. Your paving decision should be based on its application, look of your garden and architectural surroundings, your own preferences, budget and time frame. Experts at Southern Landscapes can offer you complete guidance regarding all options so you can select options that are best suited for you.

Amongst the popular landscape paving in Melbourne are crazy paving, concrete paving and brick paving with differences in colour schemes, textures and patterns. To create varying effects, you can also choose to use new and second-hand pavers or make use of interlocking and mixed patterns.

Effective for Modern Living

Paving offers immense usability by providing you with a hard ground so you can utilise their functionality in gardens as pathways, under clotheslines, around pools or as featured entertaining areas. Our quality paving lasts with you for years and can serve as a perfect substitute for grass.

Paving done by Southern Landscapes will make your property look attractive and appealing through its creative designs using different patterns and styles. You can make it look simple or use coloured concrete slabs to give it a unique look. Using classic red herringbone bricks or the mixed textures and colours of crazy paving designs add to the brightness and appeal of your property. Southern Landscapes can install paving themes and styles to match with your existing landscape and the landscape you desire!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide important functionality benefits and also add to the aesthetic value of your landscaping design. Southern Landscapes can equip your gardens and landscapes with the best quality, innovative retaining walls for you on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs.

Retaining walls not only provide protection against landslides due to the movements of earth and soil, they also provide you with space for coming up with creative garden and landscaping features!

Retaining Walls - Important and Great Looking

Our retaining walls for your gardens and landscapes in come with multiple benefits, including:
  • Protection against land-sliding
  • Protection against soil erosion and water drainage
  • Bring uniformity and create plain surfaces
  • Create space for landscaping and gardening on a sloped terrain
  • Beautifying your gardens with unique designs
  • Increasing the utilization capacity of your garden

You have the choice to select from concrete, timber and wood, brick, stone and treated pine sleeper among many other materials. We will use the material of your choice to build strong and beautiful retaining walls for your gardens on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs.

Retaining Wall Ideas

We can build the retaining walls of any type that you desire according to your requirements with a personalized choice of colours and textures. We can build you a retaining wall using concrete blocks that come with advantages of being durable and strong and can be designed in any colour you want.

Stones look beautiful and dramatic in any garden. If you want a natural warm look that perfectly meshes with your garden, we can build you a retaining wall using timber. We will sit with you to determine the best choice of retaining wall that will meet your preferences as well as add to the aesthetic value of your garden. Southern Landscapes ensure engineering sophistication, so you can enjoy the maximum benefits from your retaining walls on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs.

Rainwater Tanks

To help you make the right choice of rainwater tanks and garden water tanks for your property, contact us at Southern Landscapes. We will make sure you get the best-suited rainwater and garden tanks that will become an asset when installed by our expert team.

Amongst many decision regarding materials, shapes and colours for your rainwater tanks, one of the most crucial decisions you need to make concerns the size of it. The correct size of your water tank will enable your garden to have an appropriate quantity of fresh, free water supply whilst guaranteeing money savings for years to come.

Sizes of Water Tanks

The huge range of water tank sizes, from 50 litres to 50,000 litres requires proper deliberation so you may select the right size. The right size is determined by a variety of factors including the size of your block, your requirement and type of water usage, plumbing fixtures and quality and regularity of use.

For example, a single residential building on a block between 300 - 500 m2 may only need a 2000 litre tank. Another, on a 500 - 800 m2 block may require a minimum of a 4000 litre tank. We will consult with you to determine the correct tank size for you.

Water Tanks Types and Installation

You water tank can be shaped slim-line, round, rectangular, low profile or tubular. Depending upon your preference, you can go for a bright colour or a subtle one. You have a variety of materials to select from as well, including concrete, fibreglass and PVC bladder water tanks, the most popular ones being made from steel or polyethylene.

Regardless of the above choices, it is our responsibility at Southern Landscapes to provide you with the best quality and affordable water tank installation coupled with secure base preparation and safely installed pumps. We make sure to follow proper timelines so that the cost can be constrained and you can have a consistent source of fresh rainwater for years to come.


Southern Landscapes with their expert advice can help you select the right fencing for your property. We consider all aspects including practical, aesthetic and construction in order to equip your homes with the perfect fencing.

Our fencing solutions offer many advantages including:
  • Privacy from neighbours
  • Protection from the weather
  • A property border
  • Containment of pets and children
  • Enhanced garden beauty

Our top quality fencing not only provides all the above-mentioned benefits, Southern Landscapes makes sure your fencing looks fabulous as you enjoy all of its functional benefits!

Types of Fencing

You can select from a variety of shapes and forms that will influence your fence design to look traditional and classic or modern and contemporary. The material will be used accordingly. Amongst the most popular choices for Melbourne fences are:
  • Brush fencing – which involves brushwood panels giving you a natural privacy screen with a neutral colour.
  • Picket fencing – can be traditional or contemporary; timber pickets are a classic choice.
  • Merbau fencing – a versatile and modern choice most popular for front fences and privacy screens.
  • Paling fencing – an affordable option, palings are adaptable and versatile. Can be cut in angles and slopes.
  • Pool fencing – built with timber, steel, aluminium or glass. Our pool fencing is constructed strictly to Australian Safety Standards.
  • Colour bond fencing - very strong and durable, colour bond fencing is an asset to homes, providing extra security. Comes in a large variety of colours;
  • Chain wire fencing - where privacy is not the main concern, chain wire fencing is a cost-effective solution, effective in semi-rural or open areas
  • Mesh fencing - mesh fencing in different grades and weights provides increased security, whether for temporary or permanent use

Building Your Fence

We know the importance of incorporating all factors including council restrictions, safety, specifications, cost and suitability of materials and obviously your aesthetic requirements in order to come up with the best suited fencing for your property on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs.

Concrete Paving, Pathways and Driveways

Southern Landscapes provides all landscaping solutions under one-roof, including all types of concreting solutions for gardens, driveways and paths for your homes on the Mornington Peninsula and the South Eastern Suburbs. Our concrete solutions are beautiful, useful and durable additions to the value of your home.

Concrete is extremely durable and can be customized according to your own colour, texture and shape preferences. We offer to come up with unique designs that would be a perfect match for your existing landscape.

Plain, Colour, Patterned and Exposed Aggregate

Large or small, we at Southern Landscapes have the expertise to design and install the perfect concrete solutions for your homes on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs. You can select from a variety of concrete types, finishing and colour options.

For making driveways and other structures even stronger, we can use concrete acid washes and seals so you can enjoy an easy to maintain, durable landscape without blowing the budget. Concrete has gained popularity in Australia due to its ability to resist climatic wear and tear, as it is porous and flexible.

You can benefit from the expertise of our team concerning all concreting solutions, including:
  • Plain concreting – popular for its simplicity and where plain colouring is required;
  • Coloured concreting – colour coordinate your existing landscape with a colour of your choice
  • Pattern concreting – for coming up with elegant, sophisticated, creative and textured concrete patterns
  • Exposed Aggregate – for creating combinations of aggregates, colourings and finishes.

Customized Concreting

We at Southern Landscapes will make sure to provide you with concreting solutions within the defined budget regardless of your requirements. Without compromising on quality and beauty, we will execute the project within the designated time frame. As experts in Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs, we will pave and build slabs according to your design preference of colour, the plain, patterned concrete or exposed aggregate for your driveway, retaining wall, small path or large courtyard.

Our highly professional and trained team will ensure high quality of concreting to suit your personal needs.

Landscape Construction

Having the expertise of creating unique and attractive garden landscapes, Southern Landscapes is capable of delivering comprehensive and customized living garden designs. For your convenience, we can also give you free onsite quotes for any size garden.

We are a one-stop destination with diverse experience to provide you with garden solutions regardless of your garden requirements. We can cater to new or established gardens and landscapes as well as small properties to large-scale corporate developments. You can preview our expertise through our no-obligation free quote offer.

From Courtyards to Corporate

Experts in our field, Southern Landscapes can stay within the budget and time frame to provide you with garden solutions that are not only affordable, creative and practical; they will also be according to your specifications and requirements. We utilize creativity, innovation and practicality in each intricate detail of your garden landscape regardless of whether we are renovating the garden of your small courtyard, choosing garden plants for your pergola or creating an entire garden landscape design for a corporate development.

Garden Ideas

Great ideas enhance even the smallest garden area. The beauty of your garden can be enhanced through a number of features such as pots, a leafy path, drought tolerant plants, a vegetable patch, a water feature or hanging plants. Architectural structures such as a retaining wall play an important role in creating aesthetic value.

Options for bringing the life back in your garden include creation of some garden beds and mulching. We can also help you match your backyard with the rest of the landscape or rejuvenate your front garden. Getting design ideas by visiting the local garden centre is helpful but consulting professionals from Southern Landscapes will give you a whole new perspective of garden solutions that are best suited for you; solutions that you can benefit from the most.

Your imagination can come up with the most creative garden ideas that can be materialized into practical solution by the experts at Southern Landscapes. We will use the best quality materials to provide you the best quality garden landscaping which you can enjoy for years to come. Southern Landscapes provides complete garden landscaping solutions including consultation, planning, designing and installation to provide you a great garden landscape.

Decking and Pergolas

Would you like a practical and eye pleasing way to enjoy the outdoors? Southern Landscapes can enhance your lifestyle at your home by constructing good quality decks and pergolas.


As decking experts in Melbourne, we use our expertise and the best material available in Australia to build a unique decking for your property on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs that meet the Australian Safety Standards. We can build timber or composite decks, decking for a Gazebo, verandah, carport or outdoor room with the surety that they will be safe to use.

Southern Landscapes are experts at equipping your homes with the best designed, durable decking for your local climate that not only looks beautiful, but is light on your pocket as well.


A decking for your property on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs can form such a perfect connection between your home and garden that will link your indoors with the outdoors beautifully! Decking is an effective solution to cater for heavy movement or to save your garden from extreme climatic conditions. We offer to build customized decking which will also add to the value of your home as well as to your lifestyle.


To enjoy the outdoors safely out of the sun’s glare, pergolas form a perfect combination with your deck to add to the beauty of your home, your garden and your lifestyle as well. This choice allows you to utilize your garden for socializing as well as enjoying the greenery and the fresh air while sipping tea in your beautifully constructed pergolas. You can choose from a range of materials and designs that best suit your style and add to the beauty to your home.

Decks and pergolas have multiple uses. They provide a place for socializing and hanging out, allow you to move easily, save your grass from heavy movements and add an architectural beauty to your home. They are not just space occupiers – they come with many functional benefits and allow you to connect with nature and the outdoors!

Irrigation and Watering Systems

Southern Landscapes presents to you a cost and water-usage effective garden irrigation and watering system that is of high quality, protecting the environment and convenient to use. Keeping in line with today’s water usage, our garden irrigation systems on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs are designed to be innovative.

Being a precious and limited resource, water consumption costs are on the rise whereas our requirement continues to grow. Water is an essential requirement for your plants, lawns and gardens – you cannot depend upon the rain for a good and constant supply of water. We design garden irrigation systems to be the right solution for ensuring the health of your garden.


Southern Landscapes garden irrigation systems Melbourne come with numerous advantages including proper water utilization and ensuring the health of your garden by providing the regular water supply according to the requirements. Our garden irrigation systems Melbourne offer you the best water utilization, whether your water supply comes from water tanks, bore water or the mainline.


We have it all - from drip watering systems and water weepers to garden sprinkler systems. You can choose the product that best meets your needs for your home in Melbourne. Go for the one that best matches your soil, your preferences and your budget. We at Southern Landscapes can offer you our expert suggestions.

Based on our findings, we will come up with a customized and affordable garden irrigation system for your garden in Melbourne that will be best suited for you. We will also give you maintenance information. Whichever system we implement, we assure its design and construction quality, and that the final product does not pose any threat to the environment.

Lawns, Turf and Synthetic Grass

Southern Landscapes lawn and turf make it possible for you to enjoy year round greenery on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs. We bring to you all kinds of beautiful turf solutions that are water and cost efficient.

Just like most Australians, if you are fond of the outdoors in Melbourne, you can also enjoy a beautiful and elegant lawn and turf. Not to mention the fact, that it would add value to your home, without having to use a quantitative amount of water.

Turf and Grasses Variety

You can choose from an ever-increasing variety of turf and lawn types according to your requirement. Soft leaf Buffalo turf, Kikuyu, Santa Ana and Tall Fescue are part of the residential turf types that are most in demand in on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs. With their own benefits and unique appearance, they differ based on leaf sizes, mowing capacity, root depth, climatic resistance and water requirements.

Southern Landscapes can help you make a selection on turf type based on your requirements including the look and feel you prefer, location, soil type, size and purpose of the turf etc. Our decision will be based on our analysis of your soil state, watering abilities, usage (family, pets, vehicles, etc.) and sun exposure and a calculation of maintenance requirements.

Other Advantages of Lawn and Turf

Apart from adding aesthetic value, a healthy lawn has immense benefits. Lawns are a source of clean and cool air and enable plant oxygen exchange. Acting as a natural filter, turf offers protection for water quality and the environment. However, their greatest contribution lies in adding value to your property subject to proper maintenance, that is.

Synthetic Grass and Artificial Lawns

For a completely hassle free yet good looking solution, Sothern Landscapes can provide you with environmentally friendly, near to real synthetic grass for your Mornington Peninsula or South Eastern property. Artificial grass is ideal for you if you are time constrained; because it comes with the benefit of low maintenance requirements and does not require you to spend your weekend watering, mowing, feeding, edging and blowing your lawn!

Enviably Green

Thanks to innovations today there are better quality artificial grass solutions available in Melbourne, which at times are preferable to real lawns. Synthetic grass is quickly becoming popular in Melbourne because it provides all functional benefits of a real lawn without getting muddy or weed-ridden. It also saves your time and energy on maintenance efforts. You can use your synthetic lawn in your home to play, rest, read or run just like you would on real grass, but without worrying about watering or other requirements. You also have less to worry about regarding extreme climatic conditions while you are away from home.

Installation of Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass also requires installation skills. We use our expertise and ensure a professional job while installing lawn, turf and synthetic grass. We will also ensure that drainage is assessed accordingly. Our professional and expert team will ensure that all the preparations are neat and secure so you can enjoy the perfectly green lawn all year around

Water Features

Water features make any landscaped garden more attractive and appealing. They are charismatic features in your garden that appeal to your senses through sight, sound, feeling and touch.

They are elegant additions for your property and lifestyle and you have a choice to add water fountains, architectural water curtains, reflection ponds and natural looking creek beds.

To control the flow of water, we can build top quality spillways so that your water feature looks attractive and properly managed. Spillways are also ideal in creating a subtly attractive effect at the head of waterfalls.

Regardless of what size or type of landscape you have, you can select from a variety of design possibilities and have your water feature look modern and contemporary or classic and traditional. Using a variety of materials including glass, timber, earth, clay, metal, glass, stones and pebbles, concrete and brick, Southern Landscapes can design your garden water feature to look sculptural and adaptable, and also, make use of the natural dynamic beauty of water.

At Southern Landscapes we will ensure that our water installations provide you with water efficiency, using eco-friendly water circulation systems for energy saving and efficiency. Water features such as ponds, fishponds also offer other benefits such as protection from mosquitoes, and attracting native birds can to your garden.

Southern Landscapes can offer you their expert advice concerning the choice of colours, sizes, complexity and types of systems for your water feature. We will make sure to provide you solutions that enhance the look of your homes while remaining within the budget; solutions that can be executed within the time frame and within environmental considerations.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Southern Landscapes has over 40 years of combined experiences and is ideal for designing and executing lawn and garden maintenance programs. Rather than viewing them as an expense, you should view regular garden maintenance programs as an investment in your property.

Southern Landscapes can take on any lawn and garden maintenance project whether it involves a small garden clean up to farm and body corporate maintenance. We realize that a lot of care and attention goes into ensuring viability of gardens, whether they are new or old. If however, you have an ongoing maintenance program in place; it not only makes your lawn and garden maintenance efficient but also ensures long-term health of your garden.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance Services

All components of your lawns and gardens including hedges, trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, lawns will benefit from our regular maintenance program. Using our expert knowledge and skills, we come up with the best maintenance solutions using only the safest and top quality tools and products. Southern Landscapes maintenance solutions are quite comprehensive, including:
  • General gardening - including tidy ups and rubbish removal
  • High pressure water cleaning – for your driveways, paths and outdoor areas
  • Lawn mowing - and complete lawn care
  • Tree and shrub removal - neat removal or relocation if required
  • Pruning and trimming - including dead-heading and shaping
  • Slashing - all thick and long grass eradicated
  • Fertilizing - the right products with correct applicability according to plants
  • Pruning - proper pruning to avoid disease and promote healthy growth
  • Weed control – to reinvigorate plans with essential nutrients
  • Rubbish removal - get rid of unwanted and hazardous debris.

Monthly Expert Maintenance Program

Well-maintained lawns, gardens and landscapes compliment the property as well as look appealing and attractive. Southern Landscapes finest quality maintenance services can totally transform the look of your home. With our monthly expert maintenance program, you can be stress free concerning your garden’s proper care. When you avail of our monthly maintenance program, your garden flourish and become healthier which will be a reassurance that your investment was indeed worthwhile.

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