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SIPs - A Smart Choice - strong, pre-manufactured, highly insulated and high performance building components.

Structural Insulated Panels

What are SIPs?
SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are strong, pre-manufactured, highly insulated and high performance building components.

They’re specially engineered to fit tightly when assembled. A SIPs home or building is constructed by assembling the panels.

The panels are:
  • Heavily insulated, so there’s no need for any additional insulation.
  • Very strong, so they can be used for external and internal walls, floors and roofs.
  • Engineered and structural, so there’s no need for a traditional steel or timber frame or brick work.
  • Once assembled, it’s easy to apply wall and roof finishings such as cladding, render, finishes, natural stone, plus lightweight and traditional roofs.

SIPs – A smart choice
Extremely strong Highly energy efficient Environmentally responsible Sustainable Affordable Quick to build Long-lasting Structurally sound

What are they made of?

Each panel contains two outer engineered timber facings and a central polystyrene foam insulation core. It is manufactured as a unit.

The outer facings are Orientated Strand Board (OSB/3) and are engineered using timber from the routine thinning of managed plantations. The polystyrene central insulation core is safe, non-toxic and manufactured in a low-energy steam process.

When the two are put together as a unit, they provide an exceptionally strong building component that is light but extremely thermally efficient.

How are they assembled?

Panels have a unique cassette joint and are glued together during assembly to form an airtight unit. The glue is a stable, long- lasting, water-based compound that is safe, non-toxic and will never break down.

How are they used?

Because the panels are so strong, SIPs systems are used in the construction of houses, high-rise apartments, hotels and leisure facilities, schools and light industrial or commercial units.

A range of finishes can be easily applied to walls and roofs, turning each building or home into a unique structure. With their versatile destial, the panels can add architectural lines and curves to create individual styles.

Do they meet building standards?

Yes. SIPs is a product and a technology that has long enjoyed worldwide success with its clearly demonstrated standards. Globally and in Australia, SIPs panels and the SIPs system have been through rigorous structural and engineering testing. They comply fully with Australian building standards and with Building Codes of Australia (BCA).

How environmentally responsible are they?
  • Only timber from routine thinning of managed plantations is used in SIPs.
  • A chain of custody process enables the timber to be traced to a certified, responsibly managed forest through all stages of processing and production.
  • The complete scheme (panels and ancillaries) comes from one source, meaning fewer trucks and less impact on the environment from congestion, noise and traffic pollution.
  • The manufacturing process for SIPs panels consumes very little energy.
  • Pre-cut panels result in less site wastage and landfill, reducing the building’s impact on the environment.
  • Carbon footprint is reduced with excellent insulation and air-tight construction that reduces energy needs for heating and cooling.

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