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John Hattam
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About MATTAH Constructions

"Great buildings are born of great plans." - John Hattam, MATTAH Constructions director.
Bringing your Plans to Life

MATTAH Constructions is engaged in architecturally-designed building projects and quality fit-outs.

We are committed to realising the designed idea, literally bringing your plans to life. We are especially conscious of each project's unique aesthetic and material components; always excited by the marriage of matter and ideas.

MATTAH Constructions' reliable infrastructure offers efficient and practical management strategies with transparent communication flow to ensure anticipated results.

Keenly aware of the intrinsic link between ingredients and end product, we guarantee satisfaction by incorporating the best components and practises at every level of the building process.

Utilising optimum engineering and building solutions, only expert trade contractors and trusted staff, MATTAH Constructions is in the business of transforming your ideas into the building you imagined.

Renovations, new buildings, extensions
  • MATTAH Constructions offers quality solutions to home building and detailing problems
  • Delivers high service levels and maintains key data systems and cost flow reporting
  • Utilises proven, professional and reliable contractors whose expertise we are proud of
  • Applies strict project management guidelines and time management strategies
  • Closely co-ordinates all trades to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Ensures quality control throughout construction to ensure the designed idea is realised
  • Creates a transparent communication system which fully enables the progress of work
  • Provides advice and access to resources for all elements of building during each phase of construction
  • Offers a balance between efficiency and quality control which resonates at completion of each project

Effective project management
  • High service levels
  • Effective communication flow
  • Proven, professional contractors
  • Guaranteeing quality workmanship
  • Active problem solving
  • Critical data systems and schedules
  • Quality control throughout construction
  • Reliable cash flow systems
  • Advice on all elements of building
  • Accessing to new resources
  • Working towards end results
  • High safety track record
  • Sure direction of trades for maximum efficiency
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