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Chatterton Lacework is an Australian owned company established in 1946 manufacturing and distributing a range of Australian made and imported Victorian restoration products including a large range of fencing products.

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The charm of free flowing clover Lacework

Clover Lacework is a traditional old style of lacework that looks at home on any new heritage style property or a heritage cottage built in 1880.It is available in two sizes and is available in a large range of heritage colours. The free flowing design of this lacework has made this design a very popular design of lace. 

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Fencing Products include gate hinges, adjustable hinges and all other types of fencing hinges, pool locks, gate locks, security locks for gates and fences, fencing brackets, adjustable brackets for pool fencing and garden fencing.

Post capitals for gate posts of all styles. Plus the new post capital referred to as a gatepost the all-new lion post. Lion post are ideal for restoration of Victorian fences.

We have a large range of spear tips and accessories for fencing. Spear tips come in many designs including modern designs and the traditional Victorian spear tips seen on old Victorian houses.

Iron lacework is available in many designs as is aluminium lacework. Iron lace creates the authentic reproduction of Victorian houses and the original Victorian terrace Chatterton balustrade panels and aluminium handrails are available in many original Victorian designs plus many modern designs.

Chatterton balustrade panels can be reproduced from original designs to make that classic balustrade and are also available powder coated.

Large ranges of wrought iron products are available. Wrought iron scrolls, flowers and leaves, wrought iron handrails, wrought iron lacework panels and other wrought iron products including spear tips, verandah products and verandah accessories are available. Verandah post capitals including the original quarter capitals, post accessories including lion disks and lion decorative strips to match original Chatterton lion posts. Plus handrails, the large range of aluminium fretwork and balustrade panels to enhance any verandah.

Aluminium fretwork is available in many designs; we also manufacture a range of steel picket fencing accessories and aluminium picket fencing accessories.

If you require samples of any products please feel free to contact us.


Chatterton Lacework Post Capitals

Chatterton Lacework Post Capitals

Chatterton Lacework manufacture a range of reproduction aluminium post capitals.
Chatterton Lacework - Fencing Components/Timber/Aluminium/Steel

Chatterton Lacework - Fencing Components/Timber/Aluminium/Steel

Fencing Components supplier Chatterton Lacework has released fencing components in aluminium and steel to reproduce the original timber pick...

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