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Why Abbey Thermalboards?

External cladding is a wonderful choice for protecting the average home from the external elements, such as rain, snow, extreme heat and so forth. As many know external cladding simply refers to any material used to cover another material on the interior and exterior of a building. As such there is a wide scope of materials available for the homeowner to choose from when purchasing their external cladding, some of which have better properties than others when it comes to certain weather conditions.

  • Abbey Thermalboards are fully insulated and foil backed
  • 30,000 jobs completed since 1981
  • Long Lengths (avail most areas) to minimize or eliminate joins
  • Available in 9 colours - Azure Blue, Gold, Linen, Teal, Ivory, White, Sandalwood, Forest Fern and Slate Grey
  • Inexpensive yet saving initial and future painting and insulation costs
  • 50 year warranty
  • All QLD and Northern NSW
  • Tested and judged world's highest quality

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