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Why Should I Choose Bamboo Blinds?

Last Updated Feb 23, 2012 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

When it comes to choosing new window coverings, it can actually be quite overwhelming, thanks to the huge array of choices available!  However, if you’re looking for something that just looks good and works well, you can’t go past bamboo blinds.  Why?  Here’s what you need to know. For more information or to look at the styles available, visit your local blinds supplier.

Bamboo is Renewable

One huge benefit of using bamboo blinds in the home is that you are using blinds that are made of a totally renewable material, thus making them an environmentally friendly choice.  Bamboo looks like a timber but it is actually a grass – one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, in fact!  The fast growing nature of bamboo means that it is getting replaced pretty much as soon as it is harvested, unlike timber forests which take decades to regrow.

Bamboo Blinds are Long Lasting and Durable

Another benefit of bamboo blinds is the fact that they are so long lasting and durable.  Bamboo blinds will last for years on any window without fading, warping, or otherwise deteriorating.  They can stand up to any weather conditions including intense sun and they are also incredibly moisture resistant, making them the perfect alternative to timber for wet area blinds.

A Range of Choices

Something else to consider is that bamboo blinds come in a range of styles.  Bamboo venetian blinds are very popular as they look just like timber venetians but are made using bamboo instead.  Woven blinds are made from bamboo that have been woven together to create a block out effect.   Matchstick blinds are made from bamboo that has been loosely woven in order to allow dappled sunlight through, filtering the sunlight but still giving you views to the outside.  Bamboo blinds come in roll up, drape, roman and spring roller styles and you also have the option to get them completely custom made.  Bamboo blinds truly are therefore one of the most flexible options!

Bamboo Blinds Look Great

Of course, you can’t forget the fact that bamboo blinds simply look great!  Bamboo blinds have a beautiful classic, natural look but they can also bring a touch of the exotic to the home.  You can create a tropical atmosphere in the home, a beachy feel or even just a classic, clean, modern look.  Bamboo also comes in different shades from light to dark so you can choose the one that suits your decor perfectly.  You can even paint your bamboo blinds if you want to!

Bamboo Blinds are Insulating

Most bamboo blinds that you choose actually have a great insulating effect when they are installed on your windows. This is because they sit quite close to the window frame, stopping heat from coming through the window in summer and stopping it escaping in winter.  This insulating effect means that you’ll spend less money on heating and cooling, and who doesn’t want that?!
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