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Why Choose a Digital Door Lock?

Last Updated Dec 13, 2010 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Are you tired of worrying if you have your keys, or are you forever losing your keys? Digital door locks allow you to access your home easily without the need for a standard key. We’ve put together some great information but if you’d like to learn more, check out locksmiths or take a look through our directory to find a locksmith near you.

What is a Digital Door Lock?

A digital door lock is a lock that allows you to enter and exit your home without the need for a traditional key.  Instead, you use a PIN entered in to the keypad, an electronic key, a proximity card, or a remote control to control the locking functions on your door.  Digital door locks are ideal for use in home and commercial situations.

Advantages of Digital Door Locks

There are several advantages to using digital door locks for your home.  The first is that you no longer have to carry around as many keys, meaning that you’ll be much less likely to leave your keys behind or lose them. Also, only the people that have the appropriate PIN, card or key will be able to access the home so you can control exactly who has access.  It could just be the people that live there or include trusted friends and family as well.  In business situations, digital door locks can control who can enter certain parts of the business.

With a digital door lock, as soon as you exit out the door, the door will automatically lock as it closes. This brings an end to the fear that you’ve forgotten to lock the deadbolt as you leave.  The door will also automatically unlock when operated from the inside.  There is a battery backup so you can still easily enter and exit through the door in times of power failure and if your lock is battery powered, it will warn you when it is getting low so that you can change it in plenty of time.  Also, you can have a mechanical key override so there is no risk of not ever being able to open your door.

Some digital door locks can be programmed to alert you if someone is trying to break in or if there is damage to the lock itself. The locks are also more intimidating to would be intruders, so they are a very effective burglary deterrent.  If your lock is operated using a keypad, there is a delay if you are using the wrong number to try and enter the home, which is another great security feature.

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