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Why Buy Secondhand Furniture?

Last Updated Nov 18, 2011 · Written by


If you are after furniture that is of high quality, that is unique and best of all, that is kind to your wallet, you can’t go past secondhand furniture!  You might be somewhat deterred by the idea of buying preloved but there’s several reasons why you should consider secondhand over new furniture.  Here are just some of them!  To take a look at just some gems, visit your local secondhand furniture retailer.

You Can Find Real Treasures

If you love to hunt around for something a little different to the norm, secondhand furniture may be ideal for you.  You can find pieces that just aren’t in production anymore – unique, beautiful pieces that will really accentuate and highlight your room.  Imagine having a lounge, a display cabinet, or a table that people will be talking about long after they leave your home!  The simple fact is that secondhand furniture places and antique stores are treasure troves of interesting, quirky pieces.

Secondhand Furniture is Kind to the Wallet

If you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend a fortune furnishing your home, secondhand furniture is perfect.  Many pieces of secondhand furniture are still structurally perfect and still look great; they’re just not wanted anymore (such as the previous owner changing decor).  If there are slight aesthetic defects, you can easily repair these by repainting, sanding out the problems, reupholstering and so forth.  In many cases, you’ll get a much higher quality object at a much lower price than you could ever expect to pay for the equivalent brand new piece.

Secondhand Furniture is Good for the Environment

Buying secondhand is ecologically responsible in a number of ways. First of all, you are saving a perfectly good piece of furniture from ending up in landfill, where it is wasted and forgotten about far before its time.  As well, by buying secondhand, a new piece of furniture doesn’t need to be made. This means fewer greenhouse gases, and less pollution to the earth.

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