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Feature Walls

Last Updated Nov 17, 2016 · Written by


Feature walls are a great way to inject some added colour and personality into a room. They can also be used to help break up open plan living spaces or to highlight a particular aspect of a room. However, there are some tips and tricks out there to help you take your feature wall and turn it into a real work of art – something to catch the eye.

Choosing the Wall

It is important to choose the right wall to turn into a feature. You want to choose a wall that is as close to being solid as possible, that is, not having windows or doors. If you have an architectural element such as a fireplace or a staircase that you wish to highlight, this may be an appropriate place for a feature wall.

Also, smaller walls are generally better than larger ones. Larger walls, if made into a feature, can tend to dominate a space rather than accentuate it. Walk into the room to see which wall immediately grabs attention – this is generally a great way to see where a feature wall would have the most effect. If this is not possible, try to have a look at a plan of the room and see if you can select a wall from there.  An interior decorator will also be able to help you.

The Right Colour

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour and personal choice is a major determining factor. However, if you are having trouble deciding, take a look at your existing furniture and other elements of your home décor. This can help you pick a colour that will tie in with what you already have. Try and choose a colour that is a subtler element of your décor – there is no point choosing a red feature wall if you have a red lounge and a red rug!

Other Finishes

You do not have to stick to a solid colour in your feature wall – experiment! Try using stripes of colour or paint with a special finish such as metallic, suede, pearl etc.

Wallpaper is also making a return and it is a great way to add patterns or texture to the room without the potential to overwhelm it. Other textured finishes you could try include render or even cladding with materials such as timber.

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