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What is a Skillion Patio?

Last Updated Feb 27, 2012 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Patios are perfect for outdoor entertaining and if you’re looking for a patio that is both useful and architecturally interesting, you can’t go past the clean, classic and contemporary lines of a skillion patio.  Never heard of a skillion patio before? Don’t worry; we outline all the basics for you here!  If you need any more info or want to look at some of the available designs, visit your local patio builder.

About Skillion Patios

First of all, you might be wondering exactly what a skillion patio is. The term “skillion” actually refers to the type of roof used for the patio.  Skillion roofs are a type of flat roof that has a noticeable pitch or slant to it.  That is, they are higher on one side and lower on the other.  Skillion patios can be freestanding or attached to the existing home, depending on what you prefer.  Generally though, they are attached to the home at the fascia (which is reinforced) underneath an existing gutter, falling away from there with the roof being supported by beams and posts.  Rainwater from the patio roof is collected by a gutter on the lowest side and safely drained away.

Materials Used in Skillion Patios

Skillion patios are generally made from metal due to its lighter weight and strength.  The metal used is powder coated steel or aluminium.  The roof sheeting is generally solid but some types are made from a material that is finished with a glossy underside to help reflect light into the home (solving the problem that some patios have of darkening the home’s interior).  Timber can be used for the frame but it is not nearly as common as metal has become.

Using Skillion Patios

Skillion patios are an ideal extension to the home as they’re perfect for turning otherwise unusable spaces into attractive, functional areas.  You can use skillion patios for entertaining, for having barbecues or eating outdoors, as a safe place for your kids to play, or even just somewhere where you can sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee!

Skillion patios are available in a huge range of designs, sizes and colours.  The roof can be straight or slightly curved and can span up to 4.5 metres or more while still being fully wind rated.  What does this mean for you?  Large, open undercover entertaining areas that can stand up to even cyclonic conditions!  The patio can be finished in a colour that perfectly complements your home.  Skillion patios are available in a range of standard designs or they can be fully custom designed to perfectly meet all your needs.
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