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What is a Butler's Pantry?

Last Updated Jan 5, 2012 · Written by

Kitchen Storage

Do you love to entertain but hate having to keep cleaning up after you so your kitchen doesn’t look like a bomb site in front of your guests?  Solve that problem quickly and easily with a butler’s pantry.  Not sure what one is?  Here’s what you need to know!  If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, have a chat with your local kitchens specialist.

What is a Butler’s Pantry?

A butler’s pantry is basically a kitchen within a kitchen.  Its purpose is to allow you to do food preparation and clean up after meals without actually dirtying your main kitchen – the kitchen that people see.  This makes it perfect for people that entertain, or just want to keep their home looking clean and pristine at all times.  The butler’s pantry is hidden away inside the main kitchen.

Putting Together a Butler’s Pantry

It’s actually much easier than you might think to put together a butler’s pantry for your own home.  The key is to make sure that it is hidden away; much like a regular pantry is, only larger.  Bifold or sliding doors are absolutely perfect for this purpose.  Add benchtops to allow you to serve up food and do all your food preparation.  Because you don’t see the benchtops, you can use a cheaper material to save on costs, such as laminate, or alternatively use a thinner version of your “show” benchtops.

Of course, you’ll need to include storage for your appliances, crockery and other various items and shelving can be more easily accessible and economical than cupboards are.  As well, you can add things such as appliances, dishwashers, sinks, and so on.  One thing you should be careful not to forget is the lighting.  Usually there are no windows in a butler’s pantry and a single overhead light is often not enough.  Make sure that your work surfaces are well illuminated.

Why Install a Butler’s Pantry?

There are two main reasons for installing a butler’s pantry in your kitchen. The first is the fact that you get extra room for cooking, storage and cleaning up and who doesn’t want that? The second is that you can hide away the mess that you make when you are preparing a veritable feast. People won’t have to see the dirty dishes, the food scraps, the opened items of food and so on. Simply shut the doors after you and it’s all hidden away, ready for you to clean up at your leisure.

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