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What are Floor Coatings?

Last Updated Nov 17, 2011 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

If you’ve just gone to a lot of time and effort to lay beautiful, new floors, you’ll do just about anything to stop them getting damaged or just to make them look better.  You can do this by applying a suitable floor coating.  Here is an overview on these great products. If you’d like to know more, or to get advice about which coating is best for your floor, visit your local floor coating specialist.

About Floor Coatings

Floor coatings are applied to a floor surface in order to protect it from moisture and damage, and also to create an attractive finish.  Using a floor coating will allow your floor to last for many years without looking worn or tired.  They can be applied to different flooring surfaces including timber and concrete.  However, floor coatings are also suitable for metal, tiles and any other hard surfaces you have in your home.

Types of Floor Coatings

There are several different types of floor coatings to choose from, depending on the type of floor you have and the finish that you are trying to achieve.  When it comes to floor coatings there are several different options to choose from.  Solvent borne polyurethane is both wear and scratch resistant but it can yellow with age.  Oil modified urethanes are mineral based and while they look fantastic, they do need to reapplied fairly often (every few years).  Water borne polyurethane coatings are non-toxic, non-yellowing, fast drying, and is very, very hardwearing.  Epoxy floor coatings contain chemical compounds that react with each other when mixed, so that it sets to a very hard finish.  If safety is your main concern, you can actually use an anti slip floor coating, which is designed to improve the traction of the floor, making it less likely for slips and falls to occur.

Your floor coatings can come in a clear finish to highlight the beauty of the floor itself but if you want to create an attractive pattern or colour, there are coatings that come in different colours or that can even mimic the look of granite and other natural stones.

Advantages of Floor Coatings 

Floor coatings are great as they protect your substrate or floor from damage from everyday wear and tear.  Most modern floor coatings are designed to last for a period of years before they need to be reapplied, so they are actually quite low in maintenance.  Using a good floor coating is also helpful for a healthy home as they are very hygienic, due to the fact that there are no cracks or seams where bacteria and fungi to hide and grow.  Of course, they are also very easy to clean.  This makes them perfect for any home, whether it’s one with children, one with allergy sufferers, one with pets, etc.
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