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Wardrobe Accessories

Last Updated Nov 23, 2010 · Written by


A wardrobe is an essential part of any bedroom but a poorly designed wardrobe can create more problems than it solves. The secret is to take advantage of the different wardrobe accessories available today in order to create a wardrobe that is just right for you. Read on to learn more.

Types of Wardrobe Accessories Available

There are many different types of wardrobe accessories that are designed to make your life easier.  Some options that you may like to choose from include:
  • Belt racks - these give you easy access to your belts and also protect them from getting damaged.
  • Tie racks - these are designed to hold ties in a way to make them easy to find as well as keeping them in tip top shape.
  • Shoe racks - these can be fixed, portable or sliding depending on your needs.  They hold your shoes safely, and make it easier for you to find that pair you’re after.
  • Trouser racks - these are specially designed to hold your trousers without causing creases or damaging any pleats.
  • Slide out mirrors - pull these out when you need to use the mirror and hide them away when you don’t need them.
  • Wall mirrors - these can be mounted to the back wall of a standard wardrobe or to any wall that is suitable in a walk in wardrobe. They are great if you don’t want a mirror in your main bedroom area.
  • Drawers - drawers can come in all shapes and sizes, holding anything from underwear, to accessories, to shoes. They are great for creating a streamlined, uncluttered look to your wardrobe.
  • Wire baskets - these are perfect for items that need good ventilation around them, and they can also help to prevent the “musty” smell that can occur with little used but still needed items.
  • Adjustable shelves - these give you flexibility in your wardrobe, allowing you to place your shelves exactly where they are needed.  Place them close together to hold plenty of small items or space them widely to hold large handbags, hats, bulky items, or whatever else you may need to store.
  • Pull out shelves - these are easily pulled out, allowing you easy access to the entire shelf space.  Use them for smaller items such as folded shirts, or use them to hold jumpers, blankets, or other large items.  They are even great for holding flat shoes.
  • Coat hangers - a ubiquitous item in most wardrobes, good coat hangers will ensure that your hanging clothes are kept safe and not pulled out of shape.

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