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Walk-In Pantry

Last Updated Dec 3, 2010 · Written by Kerry Finch

A walk-in pantry is a perfect addition to your kitchen as it stores all your kitchen needs, while keeping clutter to a minimum. An extra room away from direct sunlight is the ideal setting for your walk-in pantry. Regardless of its size, your walk-in pantry can be organised to maximise space and to keep everything within reach.

Here are some tips you can use to create a walk-in pantry:

  1. Use white to colour the walls of your walk-in pantry. White walls brighten and open up any space, and provide a contrasting background for stored items making it easy for you to see the things that are found in your walk-in pantry.
  2. Install more shallow shelves than deep shelves in your walk-in pantry. The rule in pantry storage is to stock food 1 to 2 items deep. Items that are stored in the back of a deep shelf are difficult to reach and are often forgotten. Attach adjustable shelving for more flexibility as items may come in various sizes.
  3. Use deep shelves only for storing small appliances, food supplies in bulk packages and irregular shaped items. For deep shelving units, consider installing customized pull out drawers or a lazy susan for easy access to items in the back of the shelf.
  4. Use glass jars or see-through containers for items like pasta, grains, beans and nuts, so that you may identify their contents easily. On the other hand, bins and baskets are best for collecting potatoes, apples and other food stuff that cannot be stacked.
  5. Leave enough wall space for putting up a calendar, cork board or reminder board where you can tack a shopping list. Attach wall hooks for hanging items like aprons, dish towels, and fruit baskets. Allot enough floor space for you to move easily inside your pantry.
  6. Choose white light with enough output to illuminate your pantry and consider installing a motion light for added convenience.
  7. There are great storage solutions available to make the best use of your walk-in pantry. Good planning, incorporating the ability to adjust shelving as your needs change, will ensure you pantry serves you well for many years.
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