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Top Soft Furnishings for Winter

Last Updated Jun 25, 2012 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

As the mercury plummets, people tend to start cosseting themselves away in their nice warm homes.  Make your home the cosiest winter hideaway ever by choosing the right soft furnishings. Here are some that you just shouldn’t be without!  For more advice about winter soft furnishings, have a chat with your local interior designer.

Throw Down Some Rugs

If you have bare floors, you’ll know how much colder your whole home feels as the chill radiates upwards, not to mention the horror of having to walk on them with bare feet!  Instantly up the cosy factor by laying down some nice thick area rugs.  They’re a must have on hard flooring such as timber and tiles but they’ll also add a special something extra to carpeted floors as well.  Look for rugs that are super plush – shag pile is perfect!

Fill Up on Cushions

One thing that everyone wants to do in winter is to get all snuggled up, so you need to go a bit crazy on cushions!  Use them on your couches, beds, and even outdoor furniture if you’re brave enough to venture outside for the ultimate in comfort.  Create visual interest by using different shapes and sizes, and getting brave with materials. Don’t just stick with your standard cottons and solid colours.

Wrap Yourself in a Throw Rug

Another essential winter soft furnishing is the throw rug.  It’s not just for strategically draping off the back of your couch; it’s essential to keep you warm so you don’t have to turn the heater up as high!  Look for throw rugs that are large enough to keep your entire body covered.  If you’ve got a bit of extra money to spend, buying a heated throw may eliminate the need to use a heater altogether, saving you a fortune.

Hang Heavy Curtains

Much of the warmth of your home can escape through your windows if you’re not careful, not to mention the fact that the cold can come in as well!  Protect your windows by hanging some gorgeous heavy curtains complete with pelmet.  Your home will benefit from the instant luxury and the curtains will actually act as insulation, keeping your heat inside, right where you want it, and also keeping the cold out!

Opt for Tactile Materials

Winter is actually a very tactile season, when you think about it – wanting to cuddle up into something or hibernate in your own nest.  Therefore it makes sense to break out the more tactile materials, ones that are warmer to the touch and that are nice and heavy, so you feel more cocooned. Look for suedes, wools, faux furs, velvets, canvas and the like.
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