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Top 7 projects around the home this March

Last Updated Mar 7, 2017 · Written by Rob Schneider

March is an in-between month. The warm months are winding down, but the Autumn rains haven't arrived yet. It's the perfect month to tackle projects around the house before winter sets in. These are the top seven projects to consider doing around the home this March.

One: Painting

Painting projects always proceed more smoothly if they're done in dry weather.

Dry weather is the obvious time to do any exterior painting jobs. They can include house painting, fence painting, roof painting or even DIY touch-up jobs. The last thing you want is for an exterior painting job to be held up by bad weather.

Painting in March

Why is March a good month for interior painting? For one thing, you want to be able to ventilate the house when you're doing interior painting. A drier month makes the job easier for your painters, too. If it's easier for them, you can save money because the job takes less time.

You can save even more money if you remove the furniture and clean the walls before they start working. These jobs are much easier in dry weather.

Two: Guttering

Make your guttering a top priority in March. Take a careful look at your guttering. If it needs replacing, replace your guttering in March before the rains come. If your guttering spilled over during the previous rainy seasons, you might need to replace it with guttering that is more appropriate for your climate.

Guttering in March

If your guttering is in good repair, it still needs attention. Leaves and debris gather in the gutters over the summer months. Get your gutters cleaned by a gutter repair service and have them check for any needed repairs. Also consider installing gutter guards to help prevent gutters from getting clogged during the winter months.

Three: Decking

You may use your decking more during the dry months, but decking takes a beating during the wet months. If it has been a few years since you've had your decking sealed, do it in March. You don't want to wait. If your decking isn't properly sealed, the timber will swell in the rain and become discoloured. Hire a deck sealing service and your decking will look great throughout the winter and still look great when the good weather arrives next year.


If you don't have decking, but want it, March is the perfect month for having decking installed. Most people think of having decking installed in time for summer. Decking contractors are busy in the months leading up to summer, but aren't as busy in March. You may get a lower price, but even if you don't, your decking contractor will be able to start and finish sooner than they would during their busy months.

Four: Rendering

Have you been thinking of having your brick home rendered? March is a great month to have renderers come and do the job. Like decking contractors, they are usually busiest over the summer months. In March, they still have plenty of time to finish the job before the rains come.

Rendering in March

Render not only looks good, it helps insulate your house and can add to the value of your home. You will enjoy the new look rendering gives to your home and when you decide to sell later, it will add value to your home. Read Your Options in Rendering Materials first and you will know more about the available types of render when you discuss your job with a rendering professional.

Five: Lawn Mowing

Why should lawn mowing be a priority in March? Winter is the season when lawns become more dormant. Instead of just mowing your lawn, hire a lawn mowing service and let them do whatever they need to do to keep your lawn healthy over the winter months. They may need to weed and fertilise. Weeds grow in winter and you might have a bigger weed problem later. Fertilising will help keep your lawn green and healthy during the winter months.


Also consider hiring a garden maintenance service to tidy up your garden before winter. Your garden will thank you by being healthier and better looking throughout the winter. When spring comes, your plants will thrive if they've had a pre-winter maintenance service.

Six: Plastering and Gyprock

If you have any plastering and gyprock jobs you need done around the house, have them done in March. You don't want to wait until the rainy season, when plasterers may face delays due to rain. You also don't want to wait until after winter. Have those plastering and gyprock jobs done in March and you'll enjoy your home throughout the winter.

Plastering and gyprock

Seven: Bathrooms

Whether you need a full bathroom renovation, a new shower screen, tiling or anything else in your bathroom, March is a good time to have the work done. Bathroom renovations are another project most people think of before summer.

Bathrooms in March

Tilers, bathroom renovation companies, bath and basin resurfacing services and related bathroom trades are busiest over the summer months. In March, they will have more time to focus on your job. You won't have to wait for them to fit you into their schedule and they will probably be able to focus on your job and complete it faster. If you're having a full bathroom renovation done, it will be easier for your bathroom renovation company to schedule related trades such as plumbers and tilers.

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