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Top 10 Interior Trends for 2017

Last Updated Dec 1, 2016 · Written by Rob Schneider

Interior trends come and go. Sometimes a trend becomes a fad and disappears because it becomes overused. Sometimes trends emerge because of changing lifestyles and an emerging sense of style. 2017 is shaping up to be an interesting year, as these top ten interior trends reveal.

Top 10 Interior Trends 2017:

  1. Upholstered Bedheads are In in 2017
  2. Green is the Colour of 2017
  3. Terracotta Tiles
  4. Brass and Copper: In or Out?
  5. Handcrafted Ethnic Designs
  6. Modern Design
  7. Has Open Plan Living Seen its Day?
  8. What is Replacing Subway Tiles?
  9. The Cork Comeback
  10. Top Accent Colours of 2017

One: Upholstered Bedheads are In in 2017

Timber bedheads or no bedheads at all were a trend for a number of years. In 2017, the upholstered bedhead is predicted to become a trend. Why not? Upholstered bedheads are stylish and can fit into any style of bedroom.


An upholstered bedhead can be anything you want it to be. It can be opulent or simple. It can have a light coloured fabric or a rich, dark fabric. It can be large or small, sculpted or square. Interior decorators and interior designers are having a field day with upholstered bedheads and people are noticing.

Two: Green is the Colour of 2017

Green is a colour that has gone in and out of style for decades. In 2017, we'll see green making a comeback. It may not be the avocado green that was so popular in the past, but look for darker greens and greens that make the home feel warmer and more natural.


Green will be used on feature walls, as an accent colour and even in entire rooms. While the tone will depend on personal taste, warmer, more soothing greens are replacing the brighter greens that were once a trend.

Three: Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles have a warm, natural appearance that is in keeping with the trend towards more natural interiors. They are making a comeback.


Terracotta isn't just for floors. Look for terracotta feature walls in bathrooms and terracotta fireplace surrounds. Matte finishes are replacing shinier finishes, in keeping with the trend towards more soothing interiors.

Four: Brass and Copper: In or Out?

There is some argument about brass and copper. Are they in or out? Shiny brass and copper are out, but more rustic looking brass and copper are still in. This is in keeping with the general trend away from bright, shiny, new looking surfaces. Interiors in 2017 are striking a balance between looking stylish, but not shiny and new.


The industrial look is also popular, with burnished and black metals replacing retro-style brass and copper fittings in some homes. The trend is catching on, but may not totally replace brass and copper.


Five: Handcrafted Ethnic Designs

A home can be too modern looking. Ethnic wall hangings can change a sterile minimalist interior into an inviting interior. The trend is spreading to homes of all kinds. You might find a textile wall hanging on your travels or like a work of art painted in an ethnic style.


Handcrafted ethnic designs are becoming so popular, you can find them in shops throughout Australia. The use of ethnic designs extends beyond wall hangings. Pillows, bedspreads and other items of ethnic origin add an exotic touch to any interior decor.

Six: Modern Design

It may seem counter-intuitive, but ethnic designs have not replaced modern designs. However, modern designs should show a level of craftsmanship you might not find in mass market furnishings.


The trend in 2017 will be towards having a select number of well-crafted items in the home. They can be 3-D printed, a limited edition or handmade, but they will have a unique and eye-catching design.

Seven: Has Open Plan Living Seen its Day?

Open plan living is still a trend, but homeowners are learning about the downside of an open plan interior. When they renovate, they look for ways to create a private space in their home. They might do it with privacy screens or they may renovate their bedroom to make it more than just a space for sleeping.


How far you go to create a private area in your bedroom depends on your budget and the amount of space you have. You may find room for a couch, a desk for working or a comfortable reading nook. If the bedroom faces the backyard, you might knock out a wall and create a mini-garden or patio outside your bedroom.

Eight: What is Replacing Subway Tiles?

Subway tiles have been a trend for several years, but it looks like they have been too much of a trend and renovators are looking for other types of tiles for their kitchens and bathrooms.


Some are calling them "kit kat" tiles because long, narrow tiles resemble a Kit Kat bar. Others are calling them "finger tiles" for the same reason. Call them what you like, long, narrow tiles are becoming a trend in the bathroom and the kitchen. Splashbacks with a similar design are also a growing trend and it looks like 2017 will be the year of the kit kat tile or splashback.

Nine: The Cork Comeback

Cork flooring was once popular, but it went out of style. It looks like cork is back in style, not just as flooring, but as a wall covering. Cork has the unique ability to absorb sounds and is being seen increasingly in home offices, where it doubles as a notice board.


Cork has a warm, natural appearance that can make it perfect for a feature wall. It is not limited to home offices. In any room of the house where noise from other rooms can be a problem, cork will dampen noises. For example, use it in a bedroom that adjoins a living room and enjoy a better night's sleep.

Ten: Top Accent Colours of 2017

Blue and yellow are emerging as the top accent colours of 2017. Deeper blues seem to be the trend and yellows are not as bright as they used to be. Mustard yellow is back in style and blues tend to range in tone from duck egg blue to deep, inky blues.


Blue and yellow are most popular as accent colours. A few cushions, a display item or other smaller items in a room give the room more character. It's not unheard of to have a sofa or chair upholstered in deep blue or mustard yellow, either.

If the top 10 interior trends for 2017 can be summed up in a few words, they can be seen as a shift away from trends that have been with us for years. We're looking to the past and the future and coming up with stylish designs and colours that suit a lifestyle looking for warmth, relaxation and comfort in the home.

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