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The Beauty of Onyx Benchtops

Last Updated Jun 4, 2012 · Written by

Kitchen Benchtops

Are you one of those people that absolutely loves the idea of having something striking and different in your home? You could choose one of the many beautiful natural stones to use as your benchtop in your kitchen or even your bathroom but you’d find yourself hard pressed to find anything that looks better than the stunningly unique onyx benchtops.  Here’s everything you need to know. For more information about this beautiful material, have a chat with your local kitchen benchtop supplier.

About Onyx

Onyx is a type of marble and it’s actually also known as onyx marble.  It is a gorgeous choice for a benchtop as it has a natural translucency and it also has distinctive bands of colour running through the stone itself.  It is actually the bands of contrasting colours found within the material that makes it so unique and beautiful.  Onyx comes in a range of colours including honey golds, minty greens, browns, reds, and deeper greens.  It can be polished to a high gloss like marble can but it can also be honed, which is a more matte finish.

Highlighting the Beauty of Onyx Benchtops

Onyx is a stunning material on its own but it shines even more if you can find a way to really accent the stone and highlight its beauty.  An excellent way to do that is by using strategic lighting such as under cabinet lighting.  The lighting shines down onto the stone and really brings out some of its more unique qualities.

Of course, onyx also looks amazing on its own without any help, and it looks best when it is installed as a large slab of material.  This makes it ideal for use on your kitchen island or as a “feature” benchtop on your largest span of cabinetry.  The real beauty of onyx lies in its distinctiveness and uniqueness – each piece is quite obviously different so you are guaranteed to have something that is one of a kind.

Caring for Onyx Benchtops

You do have to be careful with onyx benchtops in order to maintain their beauty but maintenance is really not that difficult.  Like other natural stones you will need to use a good sealer on it to protect it (and reapply the sealer every few years).  As well, you’ll need to be careful not to leave any acids on it or use acid based cleaning agents as it can etch the finish.

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