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Talking Cookery with ILVE

Last Updated Oct 13, 2011 · Written by Craig Gibson

Why is cooking so cool all of a sudden? Television and bookshops are certainly evidence of this, with chefs now established as celebrities in their own right.  hipages met Daniel Bertuccio from Italian appliance manufacturer ILVE, for an insight into this phenomenon and future trends in our kitchens.

How do you account for the high profile of cooking? Is it all down to TV?

“TV sure helps with people falling in love with the idea of cooking themselves, but statistics show people are eating out more than ever. We are much more educated about good food and style. When people are entertaining at home, they want the flexibility of being able to cook what they want, when and how they want.”

People seem to have developed more sophisticated palates?

“Yes, we are a melting pot of cultures that allow flavours and ingredients to cross over.  Restaurants must keep up with fresh ingredients, revamping their old recipes or menus, food intolerances, fair prices and of course matching wine or beer with the menu.”

What trends are you seeing in our kitchens right now?

“Bench tops have come a long way from the laminate that used to be standard. We now have Corian, reclaimed timbers and of course natural and engineered stone.”

What trends have you noticed in kitchen appliances?

“Definitely the development of lifestyle appliances such as steam ovens and combinations microwaves. These types of appliances allow more flexibility.”

Stainless steel is very much in vogue…

“Yes, it is still popular with ovens and cook tops. With range hoods, fridges and dishwashers, people are now looking for a more streamlined look, so they want to hide these appliances away behind their cabinets.”

What can we expect to see in the kitchen of the future?

“Glass, glass and more glass. The use of more streamlined styled appliances, more ‘integrated’ and ‘hidden’ pantries, fridges, dishwashers. Think 'out of sight, out of mind'.”

Tell us a bit about the technology behind induction cooking...

“Induction cooking uses an electro-magnetic field to heat the cookware itself. It is a great method of cooking, easy to clean, easy to use and very responsive. ILVE makes a vast selection of induction products with more coming in 2012. However, gas cook tops remain part of our core range. With energy bills rising gas remains a popular and cost efficient choice.”

What is your most popular product range?

“Our freestanding ovens, with the option of 60cm to 150cm, with a choice of gas and electric ovens and a range of cook top options from induction, gas, tepanyaki, simmer plates to deep fryers.”

What cookware do consider indispensable?

“Chef Inox and Demeyere cookware.”

What would the ultimate kitchen contain?

“Everything ILVE, but I am biased. I would have a large island, lots of drawers, a push touch bin cupboard and good lighting - seeing what you are doing is paramount. At the end of the day anything is possible if you are willing to pay for it!”
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