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Stop Intruders with a Fog Alarm System

Last Updated Dec 6, 2010 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Have you got an alarm for your home or commercial premises but find that it’s not quite enough to deter the determined intruders?  Make sure your belongings and goods are well protected by installing a fog alarm system. These are extremely effective and your property will be safer than ever before. Here is what you need to know. For more information see home security.

What a Fog Alarm System?

A fog alarm system is a system that produces a thick, dense vapour in less than 60 seconds when it detects intrusion into a home or business.  This vapour makes it practically impossible to see and it means that the intruder has no choice but to leave without any goods or belongings.  The actual “fog” itself is a water and glycol solution that is harmless to people and goods.  Once the alarm has been set off and the first fog has been dispensed, the system will continue to monitor the thickness of the fog and release more when the fog starts to clear.  The fog will linger for about 45 minutes in an unventilated room after it has been released but after turning the alarm off, you can clear the fog faster by turning on exhaust fans or creating cross ventilation.

You can use the fog alarm system on its own or link it to your existing alarm system.

Benefits of Fog Alarm Systems

A fog alarm system has one major advantage over a traditional alarm system. With a traditional alarm system, you are waiting for the police or security company to arrive, and by the time this happens, there is a chance that the intruder is long gone, and your stuff with them.  Because fog alarm systems create such a dense cloud so quickly, the intruder cannot see anything, and so they cannot actually locate your goods to steal.  The intruder becomes disoriented and just wants to get outside, thus leaving your premises extremely quickly.

If you are using the fog alarm system in your commercial premises or home office, there is no need to worry about the fog damaging electronic equipment such as computers, photocopiers, printers and faxes as the fog has no effect on these.

Fog alarm systems are extremely discreet and low maintenance.  There is a battery backup in the event of power failure and you are notified if the fog solution is running low at all.  All you need to do to look after your fog system is to have it serviced and tested annually, and have the solution replaced when it runs out.

Fog alarm systems are suited to both residential and commercial applications but they are particularly good in retail outlets, service stations, offices, and more.

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