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Splashback Options for the Bathroom

Last Updated Mar 26, 2012 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Splashbacks are designed to protect your bathroom walls against the constant splashes of water that occur but that doesn’t mean that you want to see a veritable forest of water marks when they dry!  Bathroom splashbacks should be low maintenance as much as possible, which means looking for ones that are easy to clean and that don’t need to be dried off after every use of the bathroom sink.  Think that’s impossible?  Think again!  Here are some options that really do fit the bill. For more advice on the splashbacks featured here, have a chat with your local splashbacks supplier.

Acrylic Splashbacks

Acrylic splashbacks are very similar appearance to the ever popular glass splashbacks but they have the advantage of being easier to care for. Yes, glass splashbacks are very easy to care for but they do tend to show up water marks from tap splashes and the like, and they can dull over time.  Acrylic splashbacks don’t have that problem – simply clean like glass and they’ll stay looking amazing!

Engineered Stone Splashbacks

If you love the look of natural stone but don’t have the budget then engineered stone splashbacks are absolutely perfect for your bathroom.  One of the most popular and well known engineered stones is Caeserstone, which is made from quartz that is polished and moulded for use.  Caeserstone and other engineered stones have a naturally “mottled” appearance which really disguises the appearance of water marks and also makes them really easy to care for.  Unlike natural stone, engineered stones don’t have to be re-sealed every few years and they’re also very resistant to heat and scratching.

Natural Stone Splashbacks

Natural stone splashbacks made from granite, marble or another type of stone are perfect for creating that classic, luxurious look in the bathroom but they can be more expensive than other types of splashbacks.  Like engineered stone, it won’t show up water marks and it is very easy to clean but it does need to be re-sealed every couple of years.

Large Format Tiles

Tiles are often shunned now as a splashback choice as they have large areas of grout that you need to care for.  You can greatly reduce that problem by using some of the gorgeous new large format tiles available – the larger the tiles, the less grout you need!  Even though you still have a little grout to take care of, you can reduce the maintenance significantly by using a mould inhibiting grout sealer.

Choosing Splashback Colours Wisely

If you find that you’re suffering from water marks on your bathroom splashbacks, the actual colour that you choose can make a huge difference.  Darker colours tend to show up any marks much more easily – water marks, soap scum and the like.  Lighter colours are a much better choice as they don’t show the marks up as much, which means you spend less time cleaning!
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