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Roof Restoration and Replacement

Last Updated Aug 29, 2011 · Written by Craig Gibson

Your roofing can account for up to 40 per cent of the surface area of your home, so it makes sense to keep it well maintained. Considering that it shelters you, your family and all your worldly possessions there can be no better investment in keeping your greatest asset in shape. For more on this critical element of your home’s protective envelope hipages decided to seek out the expert opinion of the Modern Group, who specialise in a range of home improvement solutions including roofing restoration and replacement.

Why should I consider roof restoration or replacement?

“Making sure your roof is in the best possible condition can help to improve the value of your home, make it more energy efficient or simply update the look of your property.”

What are some of the most common problems that affect roofing?

“Typical problems include damaged tiles, loose roof caps and colonisation of a roof by lichen, fungus and moss.”

What are the primary components of a roof system?

“The covering may be comprised of a variety of materials, including tile, metal or concrete. Other roofing components include trusses, insulation, fascia and drainage elements such as guttering and downpipes.”

What do I need to consider when choosing roofing?

“There are a number of considerations including durability, aesthetics, architectural style and of course, cost.”

What does roof restoration involve?

“This would typically involve:
  • Replacing all broken and damaged tiles
  • Pressure cleaning all dirt, moss and lichen from the surface
  • Applying a surface spray to prevent moss spores returning
  • Red-bed and cap tiles
  • Prime and seal tiles
  • Re-colouring tiles

Tell us a bit more about roof coatings?

“We use a flexible acrylic based product called Supablock that is specifically designed for cement tile roof restoration. Besides protecting your roof it also reduces the temperature of the roof surface, reducing your need to use your air conditioner.”

What other elements do I need to consider when maintaining a roof?

“You also need to pay attention to your gutters, fascias and downpipes which can all affect the ongoing maintenance and appearance of your home.”
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