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Replacing Your Bath

Last Updated Aug 28, 2012 · Written by

Bathroom Renovation

The bathtub is the largest single object in the average bathroom and potentially the most luxurious bathroom fitting. In spite of these facts, far too many bathroom renovators fail to give the bathtub the attention it deserves. Replacing your bath should be your top priority, rather than an afterthought. These are some of the things to think about.

Why are You Replacing Your Bath?

Are you replacing your bathtub simply because it's scratched, faded, chipped or all three? If so, think about bath & basin resurfacing instead. A professional bath resurfacing company can make even a badly chipped and scratched tub look like new.

Are you doing a complete bathroom renovation? If that's the case, take a good look at your existing bathtub and consider how it fits into the room, how functional it is and what could be better about it. Then visualise how one of these types of tubs might fit into your bathroom and serve your needs better:
  • Would a combination bath/shower take up less space in your bathroom?
  • Does the bathtub have to go back into the same location? If not, would a corner tub work better? Would a freestanding bathtub give your renovated bathroom the look you're after?
  • Is the bathtub cramped into the room? Can you get a carpenter to knock out part of an adjoining wall and have a local plumber fit the tub into the recess?
  • If you want something totally different, consider a sunken or drop-in tub at floor level or near floor level.
  • Have you dreamt about having a home spa? If so, do you have enough space for a spa bath?
Thinking about these options will help get you out of the rut of thinking you have to replace your tub with another one exactly like it. Before you let your imagination take over too much, though, contact a local bath installation company and find out if the bathtub of your dreams will fit into the space you have. This is particularly important with spa baths, because they require extra space for plumbing, pumps and other fittings.

Styling Your Bathroom Around Your Bathtub

You may already know the style of bathroom you want, but before you start choosing tiles, take a look at the different styles of bathtubs that are on the market today. Some tubs are so spectacular, you may want to style your bathroom around the tub, making it the centrepiece of the room. Take a look at the bathroom design ideas on our photos pages. You'll see freestanding tubs in the centre of the room, drop-in tubs in garden settings under skylights and other possibilities you may never have dreamt existed.

After you have found the perfect place for the perfect bathtub, you'll want to start choosing your other bathroom fittings. Our photo gallery will help you there, too. Little by little, a complete picture will emerge and you will end up with the perfect bath in the perfect setting.

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