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Replacing Outdoor Taps

Last Updated Dec 7, 2010 · Written by Craig Gibson

When it comes to replacing outdoor taps, durability is the key as these are typically permanently exposed to the elements.  Most outdoor taps are made from stainless steel, brass or galvanised steel and come in a variety of thread sizes from 15mm to 25mm.  Choose one that suits your needs in terms of capacity, remembering that a larger diameter hose will use more water but provide more capacity.

Location, Location, Location

The location of the tap should be carefully considered in terms of where it is likely to receive the most use. You might like to consider a number of outlets, depending on your needs and the configuration of your home and garden.  There are also adaptors which give you the option of having multiple taps from one outlet. This is especially useful if you have need to water multiple zones in the garden, or have an irrigation system installed.

What to Look For in an Outdoor Tap

When buying an outdoor tap look for the following features:

  • Ensure that the tap has been pressure tested and is manufactured to Australian Standards
  • Ensure that the tap is manufactured from a durable material, typically brass which makes it resistant to rust
  • Ensure that the inlet and outlet thread sizes are compatible with your installation -  NSW has a 20mm inlet and 25mm outlet, while other States have a 15mm inlet and 20mm outlet
  • Outdoor taps can be found at garden supply outlets, hardware suppliers or plumbing outlets – all of which can advise you further based on your needs.  You will also need the services of an accredited plumber, to fit your outdoor taps.

Water Saving Tips for the Home

With over a third of household water usage coming from the garden, it pays to keep an eye on your water usage in this area of the home.

  1. Install a rainwater tank as an additional source of water for the garden
  2. Plant an indigenous garden that is less water dependent
  3. Fix all leaks promptly.  A leaking tap has the potential to waste thousands of litres of water a year, and are easily fixed with a replacement washer
  4. Cover your pool in winter and limit water loss due to evaporation
  5. Install an underground drip irrigation system
  6. Mulch the beds in your garden and further limit evaporation; and
  7. Place timers on your taps or sprinkler system so you only water during the cool of the day

Find a supplier of outdoor taps in your area on the pages of this site.

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