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Paving Design Ideas

Last Updated Aug 8, 2012 · Written by Craig Gibson

Paving has its place in any backyard or patio area providing a practical and attractive surface.  As well as being practical, it is a great design feature and can really help to highlight any area of the home.  However, there is so much more to pavers than just laying square or rectangular blocks within a certain area.  Using paving patterns – simple or complicated - can create and define the area and show off the owner’s personality.  Following are explanations of some of the most common paving patterns.

Basket Weave Paving

Basket weave paving is a style of paving in which two rectangular pavers are laid horizontally, followed by two rectangular pavers being laid vertically, and so on in a repeating pattern, thus looking similar to a woven basket.  To create more visual interest, try using pavers with contrast, such as light and dark bricks or pavers.

Herringbone Paving

Herringbone paving is a style of paving in which bricks, stones, or pavers are laid in alternate diagonal courses.  The joints are no longer than the length of one and a half pavers and this style of paving can be laid at either 45 or 90 degrees. 

Radial Paving

Radial paving is an elaborate paving effect that is achieved by using rings of alternating header (short side of paver) and stretcher (long side of paver) courses of paving.  A section of herringbone paving forms the core of the paving effect.

Stretcher-bond Paving

Stretcher-bond paving is one of the simplest paving designs and it simply consists of the pavers being laid so that the pavers are facing all in the one direction.  By choosing to lay the pavers either lengthways or width ways, you can make an area seem smaller or larger.

Stretcher/header Combination Paving

This style of paving utilizes both the stretcher (long side of paver) and the header (short side of paver) courses in paving in order to create eye catching paving effects.  For more visual interest, try using different colours of pavers.

Large Format Paving

Large format paving is simply using large square or rectangular pavers in your outdoor entertaining areas to create a chic look and to increase the feeling of space. You can opt to lay your pavers close together or to leave slight gaps which may be filled with such things as pebbles, small plants or even grass.

Why not locate pavers, paving suppliers or landscapers in your local area by using the search directory on this site?

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