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6 Patio Roofing Options

Last Updated Mar 28, 2013 · Written by Craig Gibson

Your patio is the perfect place to spend time outdoors but make sure that you get the most out of it by roofing it – so that you can use it no matter how hot it is outside, or how hard it is raining. Here is some more information.

Why Roof Your Patio?

Technically speaking, the patio is just the floor part of your outdoor entertaining area, and it is usually paved, concreted, or decked.  However, while a traditional patio is still a great addition to any home, it can be difficult to use it sometimes such as on hot days or when it is raining. By adding some form of a roof to your patio, you can use it no matter how hot or sunny it gets and no matter if it’s raining or not.  This means you get much more use out of your outdoor area.

6 Patio Roofing Options

There are heaps of different roofing choices when it comes to your patio so what you choose is ultimately up to you and the type of look that you are trying to create.  One of the most popular choices for roofing the patio is to use a pergola. Pergolas can be built in different shapes and sizes to cover any patio imaginable, and can have flat, gabled, pitched, or even curved roofs.  If you’re going the pergola route, there are several different materials that can be used for the roof such as:

  1. Zincalume: this is a type of metal roofing that is durable and flexible, so you can create anything from a flat roof to an amazing curved roof.  It is available in different colours.
  2. Colorbond: this is another type of metal roofing that is extremely popular as it is not only durable but flexible allowing all roof shapes to be created. A range of colours is available.
  3. Polycarbonate: this type of roofing is great as it lets in the light while reflecting away heat and UV rays, making the patio very comfortable.
  4. Angled battens: these are thin pieces of timber or metal that have been specially angled so that the sun is blocked in summer but still allowed to come through in winter for light and warmth.
  5. Thatching: thatched roofs are made from grass and give a brilliant tropical look. They are particularly popular on freestanding pergolas and patios.
  6. Climbing plants: these provide a beautiful roofing option and you can choose from evergreen climbers for permanent shading or deciduous climbers for summer shade and winter sun.

Patio Covers

You can also opt to use some form of a patio cover if you didn’t want to go the standard pergola route. There are different patio covers to choose from including:
  • Umbrellas: umbrellas can be fixed in place or they can be mobile so that you can move them as needed for shade and protection.

  • Shade sails: these are made from extremely durable fabrics and can be designed to cover even the largest of patios.  They look like a giant sail and are suspended from the roof of the house and/or poles.

  • Retractable awnings: these can be retracted into a cassette when not in use and brought out when you need shade and protection. They are made from durable fabrics and can be manually operated or motorised. Retractable awnings are capable of spanning large areas but you need to be sure that they are retracted during high winds or heavy rain so they are not damaged.


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