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Organise Your Kitchen Cabinets

Last Updated Jan 23, 2012 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Do you have stuff falling out of your kitchen cabinets whenever you open the doors?  Do you spend more time than you should searching for a particular item or utensil?  If you can answer yes to either of these questions, it’s time to get your kitchen cabinets organised.  Thankfully, there are plenty of systems that can help you.  Here are some of the best.  For more hints and tips on organising your kitchen cabinets, have a chat with your local kitchen cabinet maker.  They’ll be only too happy to help.

Plan Your Kitchen Cabinets

This is something that is best done when you are building or renovating your kitchen but it can make a huge difference to the ultimate organisation of your kitchen cabinets.  Think about the types of things that you will be storing in your cabinets and design them accordingly.  For example, if you want easy access to pots and pans, a pot drawer may be a better option than a corner cabinet.  In pantries, shallow shelves may be better than deep shelves where things get lost.  If you have lots of bake ware, you might find that long shallow drawers placed in your kickboards are perfect for holding your trays and muffin pans.

Use Kitchen Organisers

Kitchen organisers are designed to help you make the most of the space that you have in your existing cupboards. Many older cupboards are poorly designed so that you can’t make effective use of the space. That could be corner cupboards that you can’t reach all parts of, or odd shaped cupboards that just don’t hold anything effectively.  One of the most popular types of kitchen organisers is the portable shelf. These can be fixed or expandable and they effectively double the amount of space that you have from each and every shelf.  You can also get stepped organisers that are designed to hold cans and bottles so that you can see each and every label – no more fumbling for that tin of spaghetti or that lost jar of sauce!

Another popular type of kitchen organiser that is most commonly used in corner shelves is the lazy Susan.  This allows you to use all of the space without having to reach unduly.  Simply rotate the lazy Susan til you get the item you need!   Don’t forget about under shelf baskets either.  These clip on to the shelf above and can hold linen, packets, cups and more.

Organise Those Awkward Items

Ask anyone what they hate about their kitchen cabinets and they’ll invariably say how they keep losing their lids or how cutting boards and baking trays just end up everywhere. Solve these problems by organising them.  There are now special lid holders that you can use to organise Tupperware lids or pot lids, and these holders can also safely hold cutting boards, baking trays, cooling racks and more.

Store Your Items Smartly

This last tip won’t cost you any money but it will save you a lot of time.  Look for ways to group like items together, so you’re not searching through cupboards for them.  For example, keep all drinking glasses and mugs in the same cabinet, and keep crockery in another cabinet.  Food should be kept close together but grouped according to type. That is, have one section for boxed goods, one for canned savoury goods, one for canned fruits and desserts, one for flour, sugar and baking items, one for herbs and condiments and so on.

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