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Mineral Water Pool

Last Updated Nov 16, 2010 · Written by Craig Gibson

Mineral pool water is an alternative to harsh pool chemicals such as chlorine, and provides a safe and healthy bathing experience. The value of mineral water for recreation and remedial applications has been valued since Roman times, when the bath or spa was a popular social ritual. By adding minerals to your swimming pool you can reduce your reliance on chemicals, and provide a more pleasant and healthy environment to bathe and relax in.

How does a mineral system work?

They work on the principle of adding minerals such as magnesium and potassium, typically supplied as a blend, to your swimming pool on a weekly basis.  These mineral are natural agents that can help to minimise the presence of bacteria.  If one is converting your existing chlorine or salt water pool, then one would typically have to use a dedicated cleaner additive to cleanse your filter and system of chemical residues.

Dangers of pool chlorine

Chlorine is a potentially hazardous chemical for people who handle it, but dissolved in a pool it becomes less of a risk, though it can have the following possible side effects:
  • Trigger skin irritations such as eczema
  • Irritant to the eyes
  • Trigger or irritate asthma
  • Harsh on skin and hair, including a bleaching effect

Benefits of a mineral pool

Mineral pools have a number of benefits over conventional chemical swimming pool water, including:
  • chemical free with no odour or taste contamination
  • beneficial for skin conditioning
  • safe for allergy sufferers
  • minimises bacteria in the pool
  • therapeutic for the body
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • safe to irrigate gardens with

Effective swimming pool maintenance

Maintaining your swimming pool can be a time consuming experience. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you spend more time in your swimming pool, and not maintaining it:
  • test your swimming pool water chemistry, including the ph, regularly
  • keep your pool and filters clean
  • vacuum and sweep your pool regularly
  • backwash the filter regularly
  • cover your pool to prevent evaporation and keep it clean
Locate a mineral water pool supplier on the pages of this site.
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