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Is a Smart Home Worth It?

Last Updated May 18, 2012 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

It’s an appealing idea – the idea of a home that can be controlled at the push of a button, or even completely automated.  Imagine, no more rushing home to water the plants, or remembering to turn off the lights before you leave (and so much more).  But the question begs to be asked, is it really worth it?  As you’ll see by the following points, the answer seems to be yes as long as you get the design and install right and use a reputable company. Look for a good smart home specialist near you.

The Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular because it’s just so convenient.  Once you have your system designed and installed – and that system can be as simple or as elaborate as you like – you can operate your systems at the push of a button or even remotely through the internet.  Turn the heater or air conditioner on before you even get home, activate the alarm system as the garage door closes, have your pool pump automated, have your curtains close as night really is up to your imagination. Smart home technology also increases the value of your home, makes it more comfortable to live in, makes entertaining easier, and it can be expanded as your budget allows.

Get the Planning Right

The key to getting a smart home that works well for you without being frustrating is to take your time planning and designing it with your specialist.  Make sure that you know exactly what you want from your system and that it is possible in your home (sometimes it can be difficult to retrofit some systems to existing homes).  It’s also a good idea to try and “future proof” your smart home system.  Even if you don’t want some stuff now, putting in the wiring needed for it means that you can install it later when you do need it, or the new home buyer can expand on the system when you sell.  Also make sure that you design the operating system so it can be easily used by all members of the family, including kids and the elderly, who may not be too familiar with technology.

Use a Reputable Supplier

Another vital thing that you need when installing a smart home system is a reputable supplier. Make sure you use someone that you are confident in – someone that knows about the ins and outs of home automation and that is qualified and experienced.  Reputable suppliers will use high quality wiring and components so that you can be assured that your system will last the test of time.  Always ask for references before you choose someone to create and install a system for you.

Know How It Works!

The last thing that you want is to be poring over your manual to figure out how to make certain elements of your home automation system work.  Make sure that your supplier runs over the details of how to operate your system before you leave and that you understand it fully.  If there’s anything you don’t get, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You don’t want to be confused and accidentally turning the lights on when you mean to close the curtains or whatever!
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