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How to Remove Roof Moss

Last Updated Dec 20, 2011 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Moss on your roof may look charming and rustic but it could actually be doing damage to your roof.  If you can see moss, you’ll need to have it removed.  Don’t know where to start with this task?  Here’s everything you need to know.  For more information, speak to your local roof maintenance professionals.

Why Should Roof Moss Be Removed?

You might be wondering why it’s necessary to remove the moss from your roof in the first place.  Large areas of moss can actually act as a dam of some sort, stopping the water from flowing off the roof as effectively as it should and causes the roof to stay wet for longer than it should, shortening the life of the roof.  Over time, the large areas of moss can also cause an increased risk of roof leaks.  For this reason, while a small amount of moss is not dangerous in and of itself, it should be removed before the mossy areas get larger.

The Process of Removing Moss from the Roof

Moss can be removed with a pressure washer but this is a job that has to be done very carefully, so that the roof itself is not damaged.  Pressure washing should always be left to a professional in this case!  Pressure washing will remove the moss as the high pressure jet of water will actually lift it off the surface of the roof.  Alternatively, you can use a stiff bristled broom or brush and some soapy water to physically scrub the moss of the roof.  This is a much slower going job though.

Another way of treating moss on the roof is by using a solution of 2 kilograms of copper sulphate to 45 litres of water. This should be enough to treat the average sized roof for moss.  To apply the solution, follow the instructions that come with the copper sulphate.

Inhibit Further Moss Growth

Once you have gotten rid of the moss on your roof, you will want to inhibit further growth.  An excellent way to do this is by installing zinc strips at special points on your roof.  The zinc strips will release zinc carbonate into the water every time it rains, washing the zinc carbonate over the roof, greatly reducing the amount of moss that will grow in the future.

Who Can Remove Moss From My Roof?

If you need to have moss removed from your roof, it really is safest to get a professional to do it, such as someone from a roof maintenance company or a pressure cleaner.  They will be experienced in working with roofs and will be able to remove the moss with minimal damage to your roof as well as prevent it from recurring or greatly slow down further regrowth.
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