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How to Keep Ants Away

Last Updated Jan 23, 2012 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Finding that ants seem to keep just popping up inside your home?  You don’t have to resort to using chemicals straightaway to keep them under control.  There are plenty of tips and tricks to keep your home ant free, and your sanity intact.  Here’s everything you need to know.  However, if you do need more help, just contact your local pest control professional!

Seal the Entrance Points

One of the best ways to keep ants out of your home is to seal up all the places where they could be coming in.  Look for small gaps in your windows, doors, between your tiles etc and seal these up with a simple silicone sealant.  Make sure to seal up even the tiniest of gaps as ants can get in even when you don’t think it’s possible.

Keep Your Place Clean

Ants find garbage and food waste irresistible so one of your best weapons against an ant invasion is as simple as keeping your place clean!  Wipe up any crumbs or spills straightaway (especially if they’re sticky, as ants love sugar).  Also be sure to take your garbage out daily and place it into bins that are kept away from the house.  If you are entertaining, it can be tempting to leave food out for convenience but try and put it away as soon as possible, as the shorter it is out, the less likely it’ll be that ants will find it.

Use Natural Ant Repellents

Another trick for keeping ants away from your home is to use natural ant repellents wherever possible.  Ants hate cinnamon, mint, chilli powder and black pepper, so you can easily sprinkle these on and in cupboards to help keep the ants away.  If you have windowsill plants or gardens close to the home, be sure to plant mint and cloves as these are great ant repellents.  Ants also don’t like bay leaves.

Believe it or not, baby powder is a great natural ant repellent.  Sprinkle it in doorways and near windowsills and you’ll find it much less likely that ants will enter your home.  Chalk lines drawn near known entry points also work well.  For a natural and safe ant deterrent spray, mix equal parts of vinegar and water and spray it over your surfaces.  Ants hate it but it won’t harm your kids, pets or food.

Chemical Treatments

Of course, if all else fails in controlling your ants, you may have no choice but to call in a pest control expert to apply chemical treatments to your home.  Try and find a pest control specialist that uses safe non toxic products wherever possible.
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