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How to Choose a Plot of Land to Build On

Last Updated Sep 11, 2013 · Written by


You can see it now: a superb two-storey modern abode nestled in a new neighbourhood. It’s your dream home. To make it a reality, you need to find a suitable plot of land on which to build. But how should you go about choosing the best block for your new home? Let's take a look...

A Big Block or Not?

Squeezing an expansive family home onto a teeny block probably isn’t realistic. Take a drive around any inner-city suburb and you’ll see that plots aren’t as big as they once were. That’s why it’s important to ensure the block of land you choose can accommodate your dream home (or…change the dream!)

If you’ve opted for a house and land package, this will have all been planned out for you. But if not, you’ll need to get measurements for the house you want to build and see that it will fit on the chosen block. Enlisting a building designer or architect can be useful at this stage, as they can help you create a home to suit the block.

Is the Block Suitable?

Slope is another important consideration. If the block has a slope, it will alter how your home is built. Your builder may be able to work with the slope, or may propose excavation. Bear in mind that even though the block may look flat, even a slight lean may need to be levelled.

Do You Like the Area?

The block may seem perfect, but it should be in an area you like. Ensure it ticks enough boxes such as being close to schools, shops, transport and main roads. It's all about lifestyle and ensuring your home fits that dream. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and get a feel for the neighbours, house designs and families residing in the area. Is the Block Well Serviced?
It's crucial that the block of land can be connected to electricity and gas mains, internet, telephone, roads and pipes. Master Builders also advises speaking with your local authority to check flood levels, buffer zones, landslip and the like.

Other Considerations

Looking to build by the beach? Ensure the block will enable your home to make the most of sea breezes. Also question what your windows will overlook - you'll want to ensure you have enough privacy, especially if you're building in a built-up area.

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