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Top daily rituals of people with a clean home

Last Updated Aug 8, 2017 · Written by Philippa Land

Ever visited a friend whose house is always spotlessly clean? In today’s busy lifestyle it can seem almost impossible to keep a house clean and tidy at all times. But being clean is actually easily achievable by incorporating simple everyday habits into any daily schedule. Not only great for unexpected guests, having a clean house is beneficial for health both physically and mentally, with a study finding people with clean homes tend to exercise more. The interior of your house can also have an impact on your mental health, with a cluttered space also cluttering the mind. However if consistent tidying isn’t your default setting, we’ve got some simple daily tips for keeping your home fresh and relaxing.

1. Empty the dishwasher

Emptying the dishwasher every morning is the easiest cleaning habit to get into. It takes just a few minutes and is one less thing to take care of at the end of the day. Putting a load of dishes on every night and emptying each morning means there is never a stockpile in the sink and there are always clean dishes in the cupboard.

Empty the dishwasher

2. Make the bed

The best way to start the day and an easy morning ritual is to make your bed. It sets you into an organised frame of mind and declutters your immediate personal space. According to a Navy Seal making the bed every day is the leading way to get into a good frame of mind each morning. By creating a sense of accomplishment, it encourages you to accomplish more throughout the day.

It’s also the quickest way to make your bedroom look inviting by creating a relaxing space to come home to at the end of the day. Also saves any embarrassment when unexpected visitors drop by! Although there has been some buzz around making the bed being bad for your health, this was due to dust mites and not bed bugs. Dust is something we live with every day and which a regular sheet wash can overcome, rather than an unmade bed.

Make the bed

3. Keep clothes tidy

At the end of a long day it’s tempting to just chuck clothes on the ground and crash out. However doing this day in day out can lead to a sizeable pile and easily add stress when attempting to get dressed in the morning. Make your bedroom a sanctuary and put clothes either in the basket or back in the wardrobe as you change. This will also help on laundry days and will make getting dressed in the morning easier.

Keep clothes tidy

4. Dedicated laundry day/s

Doing the laundry on a specified day ensures that it is always done and keeps the pile from constantly growing. The frequency may differ depending on whether you are single, a couple or a family with multiplying children, but having an allocated day, days or time each day can easily make laundry more of a routine rather than a bother.

Dedicated laundry days

5. Clean and tidy before bed

The best way to start the day is in a clean kitchen, bedroom, lounge room. The way to ensure this is to tidy rooms before you go to bed each night. This can be just a few minutes’ run over such as tidying cushions, stacking the dishwasher, washing any extra utensils, putting away clothes or into laundry baskets. A simple tidy will ensure you start the following day fresh, rather than stressed and surrounded by mess.     

Tidy before bed

6. Regular vacuum and dust

Sucking up dust off the ground once a week or even every day is not only clean and tidy but it’s good for your health to eliminate the dust you are breathing in. Sneezing every morning? How often do you vacuum? Use the nozzle to get into corners, crevices and even vacuum the lounge, cushions, tables, window sills etc.

Vacuum and dust

7. Clean as you go

In the kitchen during cooking or in the bathroom while using the basin, wipe benches down as you go. Grease and grime can build up over time as well as scattered scraps of food attracting unwanted pests such as cockroaches or mice. Clean as you go and there will never be a buildup of mess. Also when mail is delivered or you make a lot of purchases, put the packaging, bags, boxes and any other materials in the bin straight away to avoid a buildup of clutter.

Cean as you go

8. Planning                     

Clean people plan ahead not just at work but in their personal space too. Planning ahead can make a day run smoothly by leaving less decisions to make during the day and saving brain power to focus on major arrangements. Planning ahead can just be the little things, such as planning what to wear the night before, a grocery list for the week factoring in organised meals including packed lunches reducing amounts of food to throw out.

Plan ahead

9. Hire a cleaner

While the above list will keep your house and wardrobe every day ready, it doesn’t include cleaning each room thoroughly such as the bathroom or kitchen floors. If you are time poor, save yourself the hassle and keep your house fresh with a household cleaner to tackle the bigger cleaning tasks.

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