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Guide to Ducted Air Conditioning Prices

Last Updated Oct 18, 2016 · Written by

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Looking for a cooling solution for your home?

If you have done any research you will have come across portable, wall mounted and split systems - but what about ducted air conditioning? They are the gold standard for a whole-home cooling system, but you must be prepared to pay for the privilege.

How much? Like anything, it depends.

This article will give you a ballpark figure to work from. You can then approach installers with some knowledge and be able to make an informed decision.

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How does ducted air conditioning work?

A ducted system is typically installed when a new home is built, but you can retrofit, especially if you have room in your ceiling cavity.

Ducted air conditioning uses a system of insulated pipes or ducts in your floor or ceiling cavity to circulate cool air around your home. Vents or grills are installed in the rooms you want covered, and a programmable control panel allows you to specify the temperature and when your system runs.

Why install ducted air con?

If you are looking for an efficient way of getting cool air to all points in your home, ducted is more efficient than other cooling systems. It is more effective at cooling large areas than other air cons. And if you are worried about unsightly air con units on your wall - ducted is unobtrusive and quiet.

If you are only looking to cool one or two rooms a split or wall mounted system will be more suitable.

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How much does ducted air con cost?

How much is it going to cost to install ducted air con?

There are a number of factors that will determine the cost of a ducted air conditioning system, specifically the brand you pick, its energy rating and what size system you require. Other factors to take into account include:

  • the size and layout of your home
  • if you opt for zoning
  • what your home is constructed from (brick or weatherboard)
  • If you have a ceiling cavity
  • how difficult the installation is

The more points and zones you add the more expensive your ducted air con system becomes.

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#hiptip: A number of factors will affect the cost of your system, specifically the size you require and how many zones you want

As a rough guide, expect to pay:

  • Around $5,000 to have a small system installed in an apartment or small home.
  • $6,000 to $10,000 for a system for a three-bedroomed single storey home
  • $11,000+ for a ducted air con system for a large 2-storey home

Some typical prices quoted online for ducted air con systems are:

  • $4,400 for a Fujitsu 7.1kw ducted split air conditioner (supply & install)
  • $5,400 for a 8.0kw ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit (Samsung) installed to 6 points
  • $7,000 for a Daikin 14kw ducted inverter split air conditioner (supply & install)

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From the horse's mouth…

Melbourne-based electrician Peter Bailey of Advantage Air Conditioning and Electrical points out that although there is a significant cost difference between a 2.5 star rated unit and a 6 star rated ducted system, the smaller unit will be more costly to run. So it makes sense to opt for the larger unit, which will be more energy efficient and cost effective over time.

Who can install your ducted air con?

You need to use properly trained and licensed installers for your job. Anyone who handles refrigerants and installs air conditioning units must hold a licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Depending on where you live this could be a ducted air conditioning installer, plumber or an electrician.

Getting quotes for ducted air conditioning

Get several quotes for ducted air conditioning will help you get the best price, and reputable suppliers should be for systems of roughly the same capacity. If one quote is for a drastically lower capacity system, it may be because the supplier is trying to win the job.

You will probably notice that different systems of the same capacity will have different prices. Before choosing the lowest quote, look at all the quotes carefully and ask why their package cost more or less than the others. One might be quoting for a more expensive, but also more cost-effective inverter system while anothers quote may be for a more basic system.

#hiptip: Always get at least three written quotes before you decide to hire a business

Hiring a ducted air conditioning installer

What to look for when it comes time to getting quotes? Besides making sure your installer is licensed, look for someone with plenty of testimonials from happy clients. You also need to make sure you get a quote in writing - if they can’t provide that, don’t bother.

A good way of getting a sense of cost is to a range of quotes for ducted air conditioning. This will enable you to get a sense of what market rates currently are.

* All the costs and prices quoted were sourced at the time this article was written. They are indicative, may vary locally, are subject to market forces and should only be used as a guide.

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