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Driveway Ideas and Inspiration

Last Updated May 26, 2016 · Written by Craig Gibson

The driveway is the primary access to your home, and should therefore reflect and complement the character of your property.  It can set the tone of a visit to your home and should not be overlooked when considering its kerb appeal.

Practical Considerations

When planning your driveway take into account the following practical considerations:


  • Cost - your budget will dictate what materials you can afford.
  • Material - the durability, cost and aesthetics should be evaluated.
  • Drainage - consider where the water running off your driveway will be going.
  • Width - this should be adequate for your vehicle but not overwhelm your home.
  • Thickness - this should be based on the amount of traffic expected.
  • Access - provide easy access to your garage or parking area.
  • Parking - offer adequate parking for visitors.
  • Maintenance - what are the ongoing costs, and can utility cables be easily accessed?

Types of Driveways

Paved - generally cheaper than concrete and available in a multitude of colours and designs, but susceptible to weed growth in between the bricks.  It does drain better than concrete and can be recycled or re-used easily. Remember that any coloured paving should complement the colour of your house.

Concrete - wears quicker and is liable to cracking, and does cause a lot of run-off from any rainfall.  Exposed aggregate concrete is more durable, though an expensive option. Concrete can be stamped and painted for decorative effect, and sealed for longevity.  It can also be recycled after it has been taken up, though this is labour intensive.

Bitumen/Asphalt - this a popular material that has similar properties to concrete, and can be installed relatively quickly.  It also comes in a variety of colours.  Though it does not crack it is susceptible to high ambient temperatures.

Aggregate-surface  - these materials include gravel and crushed stone, which can give a natural feel to your driveway, though they are susceptible to being washed away by heavy rain or by heavy use.

Ideas & Inspiration

Read on for some simple ideas to get you started on your driveway design!

Use two types of finishes -- this will give your driveway a unique look, with the contrast providing the interest.

Borders - a bordered edge in a contrasting colour can offset your driveway in a very stylish way.

Create a focal point - designs, logos or shapes can be used to further accentuate your driveway.  If space allows also consider a water feature such as a fountain.

Random pattern - a random selection of coloured paved bricks can provide a unique counterpoint design.

Landscaping - landscaping your driveway creatively can greatly enhance the appeal of your property.   This can consist of

  • Hardscape - the actual driveway including walls, fencing and driveway gates
  • Softscape - planting flower beds, ground cover, trees/shrubs to accentuate your driveway

If you are considering remodelling your driveway speak to a concretor, paver or landscaper about your options.

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