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Cosy winter colour and decorating ideas

Last Updated May 24, 2017 · Written by Rob Schneider

Light colours make a room appear larger, but when winter comes you want warmer and cosier spaces. How can you accomplish this without sacrificing a cooler summer interior? Here are some ideas to think about.

cosy warm winter colours

Painting or Wallpapering a Feature Wall

A feature wall is a single wall that serves as a "feature" of a room. It can be an ideal way to get that warm winter cosiness you're looking for. It can be a single colour or you might want to find some wallpaper for your feature wall.

There are some tricks to making a feature wall work. Because it is a single wall, you need to be very careful about having a crisp line between any adjoining walls or the ceiling. If you're careful, it can be a DIY job, but consider hiring a professional painter.

A feature wall is generally in a prominent spot. In the bedroom, it might be behind the bed. What colours should you use to create winter warmth? It can be any colour you like, but should be a darker shade. Deep blue, plum, darker greens, grey and brown will all make the room feel warmer and cosier.

winter interior

In the living room, your feature wall might be behind a couch or large screen TV or any other prominent wall. You can paint the wall, but also think about wallpapering the wall. A floral design or pattern will add interest to the wall and will work in summer and winter.

wallpaper feature wall

How dark should your colours be? As a general rule, darker colours are warmer colours. If you live in a more temperate climate, you might want to choose a lighter shade. Your painter or a colour consultant can help you choose the perfect shade for your home and climate. A lighter shade can look lighter in the summer and darker when it's raining. Think about how the colour is going to look in all types of weather and you'll find the perfect colour for your feature wall.

Darker colours for warmth

Winter Interior Decorating Ideas

You don't have to spend a fortune decorating your living room or bedroom for winter. All it takes to make your living room feel warmer and cosier are a few darker coloured cushions and maybe a woven blanket thrown over the sofa.

Winter Interior decorating ideas

A nice hand woven blanket and a fluffy cushion will make all the difference in your living room. You can store them in the summer, but keep them on hand for the winter months. Think about the texture as well as the colours you choose. Hand woven items are ideal because they have more texture, but you can also use darker coloured cushion covers.

Think about texture in the bedroom, too. A more layered look is perfect for the bedroom. A hand woven cover in any colour will make your bedroom look and feel warmer. It can be any colour, but if it looks fluffy and warm, it will make the whole room feel cosy and warm.

If you have a quilt (doona), think about buying a cover in a darker colour for the winter months. Get matching pillow cases or cushions and your bedroom will look and feel warmer. It's an inexpensive way to decorate the bedroom for winter and you can use the doona cover every winter. If the quilt cover is textured, it will look even warmer.


Take a look at your curtains. An ideal way to get the best of both worlds is to have sheer curtains and heavier curtains. The heavier curtains will make the room feel warmer in winter even when they're pulled back. You can allow natural sunlight into the room through the sheer curtains and close the heavy curtains at night.

Your bedroom is one room that might benefit from darker coloured walls. While a darker colour may make the room appear smaller, it can also make it appear warmer and cosier. To keep it from becoming too dark, combine dark coloured walls with white or light coloured bed coverings and curtains. Add some attractive prints and other accessories and your bedroom will be warm, cosy and cheerful.

Heavy curtains

If you need help, a local interior decorator can help you choose your winter colours and fabrics. Colour may be less important than texture. The more texture the room has, the warmer it will feel. Even a white cushion or quilt can look warm if it has texture. Also think about layers of fabrics on the bed, the sofa and curtains. Just as layers of clothing make you feel warmer, layers make any room look warmer and cosier.

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