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Coloured Pool Tiles

Last Updated Jun 28, 2011 · Written by Kerry Finch

There has been a resurgence in having pools fully tiled - the days of the pebble lined pool seem to be over. Not only are they visually more appealing, but they also spell 'quality'. Tiled surfaces are much easier to keep clean than pebbled ones, and if the swimming pool water is kept in balance, the need for cleaning should be minimal.

In designing your swimming pool, careful thought and much time should be spent in selecting the colour and material of your pool tiles. Your swimming pool's tiles can be made to match or complement the pool's surroundings or to accent and bring visual appeal to your home.

While almost any color and design can be used for your pool, there are a number of things you should keep in mind before you get whimsical about it.


Plain colored tiles are less expensive than patterned tiles. Mosaic patterns may use tiles in different shapes, sizes and colours. They require more time to create and install and may cost more than simple coloured tiles.

Desired effect

Blue coloured tiles give any pool a fresh look. This is why blue tiled swimming pools are very common. Generally, the color of your pool's water is a combined result of the colour of your pool's tiles, the reflections of the sky and the colours that surround the pool. For this reason, an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean is usually made of blue tiles to match the colour of the deep blue waters of the sea, giving the illusion of an unbroken line from the pool to the ocean. To give your pool's water a darker hue, you will have to install dark blue tiles for your swimming pool. But be careful about using dark-coloured tiles on your pool surrounds, because they tend to get hot when exposed to direct sunlight and may burn your feet.

For swimmers

If you are going to use your pool for swimming laps and exercises, you may have to install some white tiles at the waterline to make it easy to see the edge of the pool. Another tip is to put an indicator tile or row at each end of the pool floor to show the lap swimmer he or she is nearing each end.

Which material?

Ceramic tiles are the most practical and popular choice for pool tiles. Ceramic tiles are inexpensive, durable, low maintenance and come in a wide range of colors. Because ceramic tiles can be easily cut and colored according to taste, they are your best choice for mosaic designs. If budget is not a concern, glass is favoured for coloured tiles. Glass tiles come in darker colors such as deep blue, gray, green and black. They are scratch and stain resistant, will not fade in time and do not harbour moulds and mildew.

The laying of swimming pool tiles is a not a DIY job. Special installation techniques and glues are required for tiles that are continually submerged. Just because you did a good job in the bathroom with your own tiling, it doesn't translate to swimming pools.

Call in specialists in pool tiling to discuss the right type of tiles for your home and lifestyle.

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