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Guide to Cleaning Curtains

Last Updated Oct 18, 2010 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Curtains are both a practical and beautiful addition to any home but once they’re hung, you tend to forget about them. The thing is that curtains can get dirty over time, just like anything else in your house and thus you need to have them cleaned. There are professional services that can do it for you, saving you the hassle and fear of damaging what are often very expensive curtains. Read on for more.

Why Clean Curtains?

Curtains need to be cleaned periodically as they can get dirty from being opened and closed, or from the dirt that comes in through the open window. The curtains can also get dirty just from pets, children and people brushing past them day in day out. Dust also builds up on them over time, especially if they are static (not opened or closed). You may even find that your curtains can grow mould, especially if your home is a little damp.

Dirty curtains look terrible and can really bring down the look and feel of your home, so it is worthwhile getting them cleaned.

How Curtains are Cleaned

Curtains are generally cleaned by professionals that know how to handle the curtain fabrics without causing damage. The cleaners use steam cleaning, dry cleaning or other upholstery cleaning techniques in order to clean even the most delicate of curtain fabrics as well as pelmets, swags and tails and so on.  The curtains can be cleaned on site or off site. If off site, the cleaners should remove the curtains for you and rehang them once they have been cleaned.

As well as the cleaning itself, the curtain cleaning professionals can add products such as fabric guards in order to keep your curtains cleaner for longer. They can also mould treat the curtains, and sanitise the curtains. The cleaners can even do some curtain repairs such as re-lining the curtains, re-hemming the curtains, and so on.

Hiring a Curtain Cleaning Professional

If you are hiring a professional to clean your curtains, they should firstly provide you with an obligation free quote that outlines the cost for all aspects of the cleaning. If repairs are to be done, these should be included in the quote as well. Ask if the curtains will be cleaned on site or off site, and how long the process will take.

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