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Choosing Window Frame Colours

Last Updated Sep 14, 2018 · Written by Craig Gibson

Choosing window frame colours is not as simple as it sounds – there are a number of issues to consider, not least how the look of your frames sits with the internal and external elements of your home.  Internal elements to consider include how the frames will integrate with your interior decor; while externally the contrast of the frames with your brickwork or paint colour scheme will be crucial.

Window Features

Modern windows are not just about housing glass and providing a source of light; they have evolved into an integral part of a buildings protective envelope.  Look for the following features when shopping for your next windows:

  • Acoustic insulation – how much external noise do you need to keep out?
  • Appearance – colour and styling are very personal choices
  • Insulation – perhaps the most significant aspect of a windows performance
  • Maintenance – how often will your windows need care?
  • Security – are your windows secure from the threat of external intruders

Windows and Colour

There are a range of materials used for manufacturing window frames, with each type having a number of colour options:

  • Timber: timber frames are normally stained or painted in variety of colours for aesthetic reasons and to enhance durability.  They may also be clad with aluminium or PVC for extended durability.  Timber creates a warmth and ambiance of its own, and is versatile enough and suited to modern or more traditional settings.

  • Aluminium: aluminium frames are durable and low maintenance but poor insulators.  They typically come in their natural metallic finish, but can also be coated to enhance their durability.  This metal is typically associated with modern architecture, where it is often paired with a lot of glass.

  • PVC: an advanced plastic that is an excellent insulator that requires very little maintenance.  The natural pigment of PVC is white but they are available in other colours including in versions that resemble timber and aluminium, making them a versatile option all round. As a material PVC is versatile in that it can be moulded into a wide range of designs and styles.

  • Fibreglass:  a relatively new material that is being used in the manufacture of window frames.  It is a structurally strong material with very little maintenance required.  In terms of colours, fibreglass can be painted in a range of colours, making it a versatile framing option.
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