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Choosing Plants for Your Bathroom

Last Updated Feb 29, 2012 · Written by Craig Gibson

Low light and high humidity levels are what define most bathrooms, which is what puts most people off having plants in this space. These conditions preclude most species flourishing but there are a range of plants that actually thrive in this environment. Besides being a visual complement to any bathroom, plants are also great at helping to purify the air and absorb pollutants. The most effective of these include ferns, bamboo and members of the fig family. 

Bathroom Plant Inspiration

Here is a selection of plants suited to life in a bathroom. If you are lucky enough to have a sizeable window in your bathroom then your options are far broader in terms of species choice. For more bathroom plant options and professional advice visit your local nursery.

Aloe Vera:
this is one of many succulent species that will be quite happy with moderate levels of light and very little else. Watering once every couple of weeks should suffice.

lucky bamboo is everywhere and for good reason. Even though it is not actually a species of bamboo it is one of the hardiest indoor plants. It is able to survive in pure water, crystal soil or soil. If the plants green hue begins to fade it most probably needs more light.

Chain of Hearts:
Ceropegia woodii, to give it its scientific name, is a hardy house plant with decorative heart-shaped leaves. It is best displayed in a hanging form and favours moderate humidity and light watering over summer.

otherwise known as dumb cane, these houseplants have broad elliptical leaves with an attractive cream centre and green border. And while this plant will happily survive in the darkest, dingiest space it will need regular watering to thrive.

there are a variety of ferns that will do well in a bathroom, most of which are quite happy on a diet of indirect light. Ferns need regular watering in the summer and should thrive if moisture levels are high.

Figs: a number of species available locally are well suited to life indoors. Most have shiny leaves and are tolerant of moderate light levels but will need regular watering over summer.

Orchids: orchids will do well in bathrooms that have medium levels of light. Even they don’t need much water in winter, regular watering over summer combined with the moisture in your bathroom should keep these stunning plants happy.

Spider plant:
part of the lily family, this grass-like species has variegated or stripy leaves. An extremely hardy species that can handle being neglected, though it does need some light to truly flourish.
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