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All about Recycled Timber Structural Beams

Last Updated Jan 7, 2011 · Written by

Recycled Timber

Are you looking for a way of supporting your home that is both incredibly effective and incredibly beautiful?  If so, you really cannot go past recycled timber structural beams.  Here’s everything that you need to know.

What are Recycled Timber Structural Beams?

Recycled timber structural beams have been salvaged from historical landmarks and other demolished buildings.  They can also be made from old telephone poles.  The structural beams are available in Ironbark, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, and Tallowwood.  They are well seasoned and incredibly strong making them perfect for any structural or load bearing work around the home, whether this is hidden behind walls or as a feature.

Options in Recycled Timber Structural Beams

If you are thinking about using recycled timber structural beams, you’ll be pleased to know that they come in a huge range of sizes.  Depending on the supplier, you can find them in sizes ranging from 100mmx100mm right through to 400mmx400mm or even larger.  You also have a choice of how the beams are finished.  You can leave them in their original form for a very rugged, rustic look, or you can have them wire brushed, rough sawn, or dressed.

One thing to be aware of is that it can be difficult to source old large cross section timbers, so it is likely that your supplier’s stock list is constantly changing.  It may be beneficial to you to be flexible in the type of timber that you want for your structural beams and to be able to pick them up as soon as what you want becomes available, so that you don’t lose out to someone else.

Using Recycled Timber Structural Beams

Recycled timber structural beams are perfect for both residential and commercial environments.  In a residential setting, you can use recycled timber beams in order to support your patio or veranda, as a feature on either side of your entry door, or to support the ceiling inside the home in large open plan areas.  In each of these scenarios, the timber is on display and they create a real focal point.  The character and beauty of the timber can also match with any style home, so they’ll look like they have been there forever.  As well as in visible areas, structural recycled timber can also be used in hidden areas such as to support flooring and decking, in load bearing walls, or within the roof space.

Commercially, recycled timber structural beams can pack a real punch if they are used right.  Just some ideas of how you can use these recycled beams include as supports for open plan shopping centres, to beautify and support large outdoor dining areas, and to support shade structures. Again, they can also be used “behind the scenes” as load bearers in roofs, walls, floors and so on.

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