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How to Get the Most From Your Airing Cupboard

Last Updated Apr 11, 2011 · Written by Craig Gibson

An airing or linen cupboard is a versatile room, which can contain the hot water heater or boiler system for a home, and which often doubles as a storage space for linen and towels.  In some homes it is simply a small room or cupboard, typically near the kitchen or bathroom.  As the boiler/heater system generates heat it is usually utilised as a drying room for damp linen, towels and clothing, a particularly useful feature in inclement weather.  It can often get cluttered and overcrowded if poorly managed.  Here are some ideas to help you get more out of your airing cupboard.

Tips for your Airing Cupboard

  1. If there is a heating system in your airing cupboard, it will require adequate clearances (space) around it, to avoid a fire risk.  This ensures that the thermostat gives an accurate reading, avoiding a fire risk. Your boiler should have a label indicating what a safe clearance is

  2. Ensure your airing cupboard has adequate ventilation. If left unchecked condensation from drying linen/clothing could lead to the formation of mould

  3. Install wooden slatted shelving - this will allow air to circulate more freely around items and maximise the space available

  4. Airing cupboards without boilers/heaters could benefit from vents in the door or by installing a radiator/heater

  5. Fixing towel rails to the inside of the door and underneath the shelves will allow you to hang additional items there

  6. Affix hooks to the inside of the cupboard door - these can be utilised to hang clothing articles without creasing them

  7. If your airing cupboard has a boiler/heating system it may be prone to leak. Check for any signs of moisture/leaks, as it may need servicing

  8. Hang scented herbs such as lavender, chamomile, mint or eucalyptus in your cupboard to keep it smelling fresh

  9. Pets, especially cats often retreat to the warmth of an airing cupboard.  Always check to see that your airing cupboard is empty before closing it

  10. Use a warm towel out of the airing cupboard after a bath, its one of life's small pleasures!

If you have an existing airing cupboard that needs a makeover, or would like to explore the possibility of installing an airing cupboard in your home consult a cabinet maker, carpenter or builder.

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