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Why Choose Acrylic Splashbacks

Last Updated Oct 1, 2010 · Written by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Splashbacks are a stylish and practical addition to kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries but have you ever thought of using an acrylic splashback in these areas?  Acrylic splashbacks are contemporary, durable, and hygienic.  Read on to learn more (also see acrylic splashbacks product brochures).

What is a Splashback?

A splashback is a material that covers the length of the area behind kitchen benchtops, bathroom benchtop or sink, and the laundry tub.  The purpose of the splashback is to protect the wall near your working areas.  It needs to be waterproof, non-flammable, and easy to clean.  As well, splashbacks are a great opportunity to show off your personal style, so be sure to choose something that fits in with your taste and décor.  When choosing a splashback, there are a number of colours available.  Be careful when choosing your colour however, as colour may date and you don’t want to replace your entire splashback as it goes out of fashion.  Natural and neutral colours are the most popular as they stand the test of time and also have great resale value.  You can always change the look of the area using accessories.

Why Choose Acrylic Splashbacks?

Acrylic splashbacks are durable, versatile, and available in a range of different colours.  As they can be made in one unit, they often have no seams, making it very hygienic as there are no gaps for food to gather or germs to breed in.  Acrylic splashbacks have the advantage of looking like glass but are around half the cost.  They are also lighter than glass and are safer as there is no risk of them shattering like glass can.  They can be smooth or textured, depending on your needs.  If choosing a textured splashback panel, the textured side should be installed facing out.  You can choose to install it with the smooth side out if cleaning will become an issue for you.  Acrylic splashbacks are very easy to clean – in fact, they can be cleaned just using a wet cloth.  Because there is no grout, there is no need for cleaning chemicals.

Disadvantages of Acrylic Splashbacks

There is only one real disadvantage to using acrylic in splashbacks and that is that they cannot be installed directly behind cooktops in the kitchen.  This is due to its heat properties.  However, the acrylic can easily be substituted with stainless steel or toughened glass in this area.

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